just sitting at my desk , staring vacantly into space , when i heard a familiar clanking rumble...... and f**k me if a 432 hasn't just rumbled past my work , on its way to a ... get this.... vintage vehicle exhibition.Like i neede that this morning ,my head feels like it's got a family of bosnians living in it , and they're having a noisy party
you suffering then???
the worst thing about a big night out is when other people tell you what you did, i think i'm going to have to gate myself to avoid future embarrasments :oops:
i just keep thinking i did something REALLY bad.......
and praying it never really happened.............
i recall a question,
a phone call,
a password,
an answer,
and then that feeling,
like i really f*cked up........

yeah , i'd rather remember the whole inglorious episode in glaring technicolour , than the cringe inducing snippets of "bad things" i'm getting at the mo , still only another 2 hours to go then i can go home and no doubt be filled in on everything by a not too impressed missus :(
ohhhhhhhhh god i am so glad it was Dale here,
at least she was totally w*nkered as well........

or maybe that's not a good thing.........

the flashbacks could go on forever......... 8O
am to scared to think about it,

so far all i know is.........

teenager thinks we're f*cked up slush puppies,
monkey went to bed in disgust,
i may be about to be sacked,
and my neighbours ignored me this morning ......


not bad for less that 24 hours together really.

my god i was really naughty!!!!!! :oops:
the old let's just stay in and have a quiet night , which quickly descends into
"watch me breakdancing, watch me...."
were any innocents harmed/crockery broken
god i haven't discovered the breakages yet,
am hoping they glued themselves back together........

but am two faced cow mother and often scream at teenager for f*ck ups while under the influence so i KNOW if i broke anything i hid it! :wink:

but we did dance...........
thanks for introducing that new horror to my mind........... :oops:
much to my shame it was the Bay City Rollers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

feet stamping and rather loud out of tune singing!

i think i may actually need therapy for this lot!

cooking sherry?
are you mad?
we only drank a little wine......
oh my god , shang a lang etc.
are you sure it was just wine , and not THE wine (buckfast)
and look behind the sofa , there's ALWAYS something broken behind the sofa!!!!!!!!!!!
no, nothing broken behind sofa,
no we only had 3 1/2 bottles of white wine,
after seeing how much white was spilled even drunk i decided cream carpet and red wine didn't mix!
and what did YOU do that made you rough?
well, popped in me local for "a quick pint" on my way home , which rapidly descended into a shambles , vaguely remember being in town , in fact i've been told i was in town (which is worse) and now added to my list of banned substances is heineken export , which has the effect of wiping your memory , but the way my head feels today , i think it wiped it with a scouring pad and some bleach.
small furry animals in mouth are trying to kill me, (you wish BB)
i keep coughing up fur balls, (not rabbit fur relax)
i think we might have sung to the street as well............

dear god roll on alzheimer............
whom I shall refair to as the bitch,
got up,
looking f*cking great and full of life,
drank tea,
ate toast,
got a cab and is in the air as we speak jetting off to a secret destination............


love you dale...mwah