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  1. Why have the corps within the AMS or even the AMS as a grouping not wearing the TRF's that the RLC, RE's etc have got? Is there a feeling of no identity within the Corps. Surely this is a opporunity to promote and also produce a feeling of collectice belonging for individuals.
  2. It is early , that spelling wasnt to good. Just one other thing if they did have them what colours would they be. The obvious being the stable belt colours as per the RE but that certainly wasn't the choice for the RLC. maybe just a simple red cross. either way why arent AMD sorting it out.
  3. Having just returned from Telic, where every dog and his brother are wearing one, I have asked the question myself.........and the answer???

    it seems that the heirarchy either haven't bothered about it or they are arguing aboput the make up of it.

    Personally, no to the red cross idea but each seperate corps that makes up the AMS should wear its own colours as per stable belt.

    I mean how bloody difficult is it? Christ the Vets have one! :roll:
  4. If you go to the Army website and have a look at the TRF's you will see that the RAMC have one already and as you can imagine the time and effort that has gone into designing the RED CROSS ON A WHITE BACKGOUND must have cost millions in man hours ? Yes sadly the RAMC have come up with nothing original and nothing tactical either for that matter ?
  5. the red cross on a white background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fecking hell, how original are we :roll:
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    In theory, it would be nice to pop on the old PFA flash, Corps colours and all. But no.

    A dull cherry flash would be appropriate.

    They should have a competition.
  7. Bring back the maroon cravat and the chip poke side hat. we will stick out a mile then.!!!!!

  8. I have another idea....

    How about a badge, perhaps. You could put it on your head-dress and maybe call it a cap badge or something.

    In times of conflict, where the capbadge isn't worn, perhaps a bright red nose would suffice, which honks so that you could find other corps members in the dark.

    I find this obsession with badges quite ridiculous, how on earth did we ever manage without them in the past? God forbid that commanders should actually know who their soldiers are, instead of them having to be decorated in name badges, Bde flashes and TRFs. Perhaps I'm being a bit old fashioned, but I certainly don't see the lack of TRFs as a lack of Corps identity, like I said, that's what my capbadge is for.
  9. I thought those were issued only to senior officers, along with the ginger wig and the large floppy shoes :wink:
  10. I totally agree.......................Corps colours with a suitable motiff to denote a persons trade, e.g. a dead rat for EH

    I've just returned from IRAQ and have to agree with this obsession with badges - there was one guy who had been down to the PX in Q8 and had "desert pattern" Marine dagger, para wings and US wings made. With his Arabic name badge, UK Flag and Bde Flash he looked like a f*ckin boy scout!!
  11. Spec - I never knew you had the dagger !

  12. umm............watch your back - we know where you live!!! (cue threatening music)
  13. Best get in quick, there's not much room left on my back for more daggers !
  14. Any badge suggestions for the QAs?
  15. A used tampax :twisted: