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Yes, but did it raise anything new?  'Fraid not.  We all know that there is no electronic IFF for ground troops in the British Army.  Not sure if anyone - even the septics - have it yet.  Also, the Saif Sareea stuff was another rehash.  The exercise was set up and run to a strict (and believe me, I know it was strict) cost cap.  It worked well, given those limitations.Sure, for another #20M we could have desertised everything, but we didn't have another 20Mill.  
The bit about psych problems was more dodgy.  We've probably got less shrinks in the RAMC now than we had for GW1!
The state of AMS was unbelievable... Are those figures right?

As regards IFF kit. It's amazing, IFF has been around since WW2. Surely it can't be that difficult, to rig a transponder, on an agreed "frequency of the day"? One pings the other et voila.

Transponders are not that expensive, or sorry, do I have to factor in the shareholders profits?
Like the F-15 guys in the states, when they had parts problems. Straight down to radio shack, save a fortune. Bloody hell, look, i'll build a simple one, they can trial it, it's not rocket science... :mad:


There was nothing new in the programme, but what concerns me is that what was our dirty washing is now seen as the norm for Joe Public.  We are goping to find it hard to be taken seriously if the great unwashed believe that we (rather than the civil servants) are as incompetent as we are made out to be.
I don't know if Old Snowy knows the answer to this:

Post "Options" and SDR has there been an equal percentage reduction in MoD Civil Servants & Officials?

I sometimes suspect that MoD feels that things would run much more smoothly if it was not for all those squaddies, matelots and brylcream boys wanting a living wage, kit that works and less overseas commitments.

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