Flash traffic - 13 UK troops hurt in Iraq blasts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 22, 2004.

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  1. 13 UK troops hurt in Iraq blasts

    Anyone got any news?
  2. Still no word on the units involved , casualties now at Shaibah.

    God, please don't let any of them be badly injured.
  4. i was there

    injuries were 14 (plus a load of walking wounded bruises cuts etc), all part of (opsec whoops) battlegroup. dunno if attached callsigns were injured. it was an explosion (not petrol bomb type) although petrol bombs were thrown during the riot. mainly rocks caused injuries. anyone who has been stoned in iraq can tell you how accurate the little buggers are.
  5. Unable to confirm units involved at this stage due to opsec. However, can confirm that we had 14 casualties through Shaibah this afternoon, none of the injuries (penetrating fragments) at this stage appear to be life-threatening.
  6. Due inbound at the hot spot at the start of next month.

    Absolutely chuffed that OPTAG didn't see fit to train us in PO using petrol or IEDs/Grens because "they don't get used in theatre"! Always prepared. Remember, 'just enough, just in time', or 'not enough, not in time' is the guiding principle of the ever-strapped modern British Army.

    Has it got to the stage where "your TRAINING is made by the lowest bidder"...?
  7. Trg done by lowest bidder definately cynical. Mind you, just got stuff to train police and all it is is a rehash of the Kosovo stuff - suppose it worked out there (or not! - See us goin on Op AGRICOLA 23). Also, v useful as it's in English, we're not policemen and they can't read. Hopefully, I won't have to go there again!!! Ask me in 3 yrs time (Op TELIC 10). 8O

    Nice one Govt.

    As with everything, "Just enough, just in time" will work. We'll train in theatre!!! At least that will keep our minds off the shits in Shaibh
  8. Do we know the units involved yet? This story appears to have dropped right off the radar in online circles, but I notice the newspaper "That supports our Boys" (Except when there is the merest whiff of a chance to give them a proper kicking)

    Front page image here




    You really have excelled yourselves this time :evil:
  9. I quite agree PTP the Sun are really a bunch of pillocks, extremly bad taste and no call for it at all :evil:
  10. Don't the army issue flame proof cloothing for this kind of shindig? Also surely you are issued with hand held fire extinguishers?

  11. Note The Stun does not identify which units are there, although they helpfully say 1LI and RRF are in Basra.
  12. what units are posted where is hardly under wraps these days. I could probably find where most UK units are with a little digging on the net.

    In fact if you look at the picture on the front cover of the current bun you can see the red unit flash on the right hand arm of the soldier on fire. So if you want to narrow it down further.......

    More importantly. I hope the guys had fire extinguishers and protective equipment with them. If not then it is disgraceful that the lads are going in under equipped - yet again.

    Best regards to all out there.
  13. Clothing is flame retardent (which is why we don't wear those green trousers that used to melt into your legs anymore). To issue flame proof clothing would require much more thick less comfortable clothing. In the desert heat we would cause more deaths from heat exhaustion than we saved from flames.

    If you look closely at the Warriors hand held fire extinguishers are everywhere (particularly on the back door). It is SOP to nominate a fireman in Public Order situations complete with a fire extinguisher - the trick is to get the soldier to stand still long enough to be put out (easier said than done but realistic training helps). If you run; the flames that are only burning on petrol vapour then eat into the clothing and you are really on fire (and in trouble).

    None of the injured yesterday were caused by petrol bombs - that was the grenades. Petrol bombs often look more spectacular than they are - ask anyone who has been to NI. They only really get dangerous when the victim is trapped/can't move and they come in volleys rather than ones and twos.