flash? sticker in 1984,85,86?

Hello all you flying chaps,

Just wondering about a flashback I had. In 83/84/85/86 I was in BAOR as a scaley. Back then me and my mates used to go around the country as much as we could. Pile into someones car and end up where we fancied.

Soest, Berchesgarden, Koblenz, Hiedelburg,Hamburg. even into Cloggy land and Belgium.

Thing is we used to gravitate to pubs and clubs and knocking shops. Always the same type- bit shoddy and sticky floors and shoddier fraus as I recall.

Thing is - in most if not all of these places I always seemed to see the same sticker. small 2cm by 1cm ( size of his chopper?) gold in colour stuck to the bar top , bog morror or some tarts arrse, saying:

**d ****y - happeness is a small fast chopper.

did this man exist or was he a figment of my addled brain?.
Sorry O_B I editted out the name as I believe he could well be still serving and with the current press interest they would thrive on a story such as his :D

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