FLASH Op. JERICHO / Amiens Prison raid BBC 2 2000 23 oct

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 23, 2011.

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  1. Astonishing raid.

  2. Is this the one that was on the other week that ripped into the reason for the raid and the killing of all those poor innocent prisoners because no resistance members were about to be shot. If it is half decent prog but a bit too BBC hate the war and all it stands for modernism for me.
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  4. Hats off to our crab, brethren!!
  5. And this is where this very brave man lies buried.


    As stated in the shot of the Pathe news, he also features in the highly recommended (my opinon!) DVD "Target for Tonight".

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    Sorry, forgot to add the name of the cemetary!
  7. Watched it last night and had mixed feelings about the prog. On one hand it rightly lauded an incredible piece of airmanship by those that took part. On the other hand there did appear to be a 'tin foil hat' conspiracy theory element as to why the raid was authorised and on whose behalf. The 2 different aspects sat, in my opinion, uncomfortably together. There is a reason that there are caveats on the release of some papers to allow due passage of time after an event. Experts making guesses or attempting to put together eye witness reports to fit their take on events is always worrying.
    On the whole though I watched the documentary and took from it what I wanted. Respect for the crews of those Mossie's. Pride in this country that produced, and still does produce, people of that calibre and machines of that finesse.
    For the conspiracy theorists they won't be happy until they have picked the raid apart and proven that someone was to blame.
  8. Quite taken with the Frog historian,who seems to have access to information that nobody else does.:roll:

    I suppose he has to say something controversial,to sell his books,twat!
  9. The Imperial War Museum used to have a flight simulator which used the film shot on that raid. Brillaint - but fell short of the IWM's remit to be a social history musuem etc and so it went.
  10. I think AHB (Air Historical Branch) still have a copy of the film. I went there prior to Shriv to get a copy of the op order for the raid - 4 pages long. Simple effective 1. Fly here 2. Fly really low here 3. Breach the wall whilst minimising frat 4. fly home.

    Head dress off to them all, both the flyers and those within the walls.
  11. Took the nipper in that - we both loved it, as it especially gave the feeling of the speed & incredibly low level they were flying at. The noise and jolting around were tremendous.
    I caught the prog, but felt the frog had an axe to grind - whining about the lack of Marquis in the kooler at the time. So I s'pose it has a ring of credibility.
    Interesting that SIS rather than SOE were apparently behind the whole op.
    The airmanship was extraordinary, in the age before 'smart' bombs.
    A tragedy their boss didna'e make it back.
    There was an air of aunty's revisionist history, with a heck of a lot of Gallic Monday morning quarter-backing about the programme.
    Allez les Bleu
  12. This is Crab air at their best. It is just one of a number of well planned and gallantly executed raids.

    I malso have great respect for the courage of the men of No2 Group in the 1940. The loss rates flying Bristol Blenheim's and Fairy battles by day were horrific. No 82 Sqn loses 11 out of 12 aircraft onn day in May (15th?) trying to bomb a German armoured concentration. No fighter escort turns up so they plough on. 33 empty beds out of 36.

    Two months later the same squadron bombs Arhus airfield by daylight on 13th August losing 10 out of 11 this time. And they rebuild the squadron again. Its a pity that bomber and coastal command don't get the same recognition as fighter command for their role in the battle of Britain.

    Incidently Chris Finna war studies lecturer at RAf Cranwell is speaking at RUSI lunchtime Wed 2 Nov 2011 on the RAF in May 1940
    in france and Flanders. PM me if are aRoyal British Legion memberand want a free ticket.