FLASH MSG--Who Cares About AFG--Tiger Woods is in the News!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. We here in America continue to show our keen sense of the important as all of our news is now dominated by the Tiger Woods matter. I feel for the family of any poor squaddie who gets injured or killed during the next days (and possibly weeks--after all it IS Tiger Woods!) as that won't be worthy of any coverage.
  2. Its your own faults. Thats what happens when you base your whole society and way of life on that 'American Dream' of being famous and worshipping celebs :roll:
  3. Has Tiger Woods been voted out of I'm a celebrity then?
  4. This country's going to hell in a handcart. All this Celebrity How Clean is your X Factor chef ballix is rotting the collective psyche.


    Sterilisation of chavs
    Bombing of ITV by the RAF
    Re-bombing of ITV by the RAF
    Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh to be crucified upside-down from Westminster Bridge. That gobby Geordie bird (can't remember her name) to be sent to the colonies across the sea
    BBC to be run by Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Boris Johnson and Nigella Lawson.
    Radio to be limited to a de-leftified Radio 4 and World Service.
    Nuke Liverpool

    That will be all
  5. Obviously subject to weather and not after 16:00 or at the weekend.
  6. Aren't you a tw@
    That gobby geordie bird should be sent to my brand new shed to be lovingly educated by Moi, ably assisted by Mrs HA2.
  7. I hesitate to say this since you seem so sure but I can point out about 190,000 of us who don't and instead do the hard thing and join the Marines. There of course are many others who do likewise in the other branches buth they can toot their own bugle.

    I do take your point though that too many here (and I think you might agree even in the UK) are rather spoiled with the freedom we fight to give them and spend more time stuffing their faces with fast food, reading tabloids or watching the latest greatest reality show.
  8. How dare you Sir! Crab Air is the world's finest!*

    *prior to 16:00 Fri
  9. I'm confused--I though you had no more serviceable aircraft to fly any more. :D
  10. Shoulda gone to SpecSavers my friend. I wouldn't do that Geordie bint with a bag of stolen dicks. And I'm renowned for my unfussiness.
  11. Is that the one described by a poster on Rear Party as a polished t*rd?
  12. So we've gone from Tiger's missus bashing in the car window with a golf-bat to extricate him, to trying to brain him for chasing another bird?

    Celebs aren't so unlike real people after all.
  13. Indeed...the news wires are abuzz with the latest dirt. Rumo(u)rs of another woman, the wife lawyering up with the infamous Ms. Gloria Allred, the lovebirds sent the police investigators packing for a 2nd time, 911 (999) call tape to be released tomorrow (I cannot wait--it is just too exciting!).
  14. [quote
    Obviously subject to weather and not after 16:00 or at the weekend.[/quote]

    I thought after 16:00 WAS the weekend!!
  15. If you're a golfer,and keep your clubs at home......watch out!