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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by skintboymike, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. I'm trying to compile a CD full of flash games which are compatible with work computers, ie crappy basic graphics, no sound, etc. (Yep you've guessed it, Christmas duties!)

    To give you an idea of what I'm after, I've got these already;


    Any more decent/gory/amusing/brainteasing games appreciated, cheers.
  2. Im honoured that you wish to compile some of my more infamous games.

    I'm not sure you'll be able to stick this one on a disc though. It involves shoving a Spaniels paw up your ricker then running around Tescos naked seeing how long your cheeks can hold it up there before security nick you.
  3. Forgot to add that I haven't got internet in work, so I need games that can be downloaded and put onto a disc. (picky f*cker, I know)
  4. Pocket tanks! Got shown that by the RLC det at HQ 2 Med Bde...

    Great game!

    T C
  5. lol Must be a dead giveaway with the rest of the spaniel dangling from your bum.

    Thanks Flashy, this sounds like a good workout for the sphincter though; my **** seepage has gotten tiresome and this seems a viable remedy to being banned from public places due to the 'whiff'.
  6. Just downloaded pocket tanks, forgot about that little gem, cheers!
  7. You'll have to google it because I haven't got a link, but Drug Lord is brilliant.
  8. The best one so far;


    This game can be downloaded onto a memory stick and used on any standalone work pc. It also has it's fair share of 'keyboard through window' moments too, be warned...