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Flash Eliminator for tank barrels


It's in Pompey, people are used to seeing things that size dressed like that.:D IIRC the D-Day museum Crocodile doesn't have its trailer, so it doesn't even make its bum look big.
The exceptions generally were the BATUS tanks that were used as designed i.e. thrashed.
Tell that to those of us motoring back in early on MM7 due to only having 7 working tanks each (with all those available from the pool of replacements already having been used) because they'd all been thrashed all year with bugger all done during Winter Pepair except the bare minmum.

Chieftain needed regular maintenance from crew and fitters, as well as being used regularly and from about 1980 onwards that rarely happened as those in charge thought it better to have crews on courses, adventure training or anything but working on their tanks.
MM1 2007, only 34% of vehicles made it across the start line. It was all downhill from there.

Winter repair that year started with a bollocking.

Still, they got the ammo they needed and saved £7m, so it wasn’t my problem. Nice to see the RLC performing better than the REME.
Why the 17pdr was cut down for the Comet, making it more manageable.

Nothing to do with flash, the 17Pr was just too darned big. Firefly had a 69" turret ring as was cramped sufficiently that though the UK considered it acceptable for service, the US did not. Comet has a 64" turret ring, and even with the smaller 77mm, it's what I would consider as ergonomically questionable. Putting 17pr into Comet was a physical impossibility, unless you wanted to end up with something which looked like the WW2 Challenger.

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