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Flash Eliminator for tank barrels

Looking at the picture below is quite photogenic, but lacking tactical concealment, got me thinking, has there's been any effective flash elimination for tank barrels?

Fire it underwater that should hide the flash.

Flash wasn’t a problem as the gun kit was probably down having not been spun up in two years realistically.

Then find some ammunition. And a QM(T) prepared to issue it.

Flash merely confirmed the position of the vehicle which had already been established by looking for the plume of blue / white / black / all available options smoke depending on which bit of D&M trickery had just failed, supplemented by listening for the collective swearing from the crew / howls of derision from everyone else, and smelling for the bacon grill buttie/ egg banjo that the crew break out in the absence of anything constructive to do.

I think that about covers it?

The exceptions generally were the BATUS tanks that were used as designed i.e. thrashed.


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Be grateful it isn't a Firefly. Using a full 17pdr, when it fired, it lit up the batlefield, even in daylight.

Why the 17pdr was cut down for the Comet, making it more manageable.
Here's how Mumsnet hide tanks....

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