Flash card set.

I've been told you can get the full set of printout flash cards (MISTAT, 9 liner, etc) on dii but I'm sure there are a set in hard plastic. If I've not imagined this does anyone know if they exist and how to get them?
You will get them issued during pre-deployment.
You will find the phrase "You will be issued those in theatre" crops up quite often on the Emporer Mong thread.
Granted my first answer was quite vague.

I assume you mean these ones in my first photo. They are pretty common in theatre and seem to be easy to get hold of through your G4 chain. Just ask your SQ/CQ as they 'should' be issued to every man.

Failing that the Rite In The Rain notebooks come with the same info in crib card form in the back (second photo). You can get these from HM Supplies, RV Ops, John Bull, Walt Direct etc...


we deploy on op H17 and we have had them for a few weeks now. every man and his dog has a set even the newys not deploying.
Ask the d.s on optag. I'm pretty sure they will dish them out. Then again I could be spouting shite.
My PSI recently told a group of us (all going on H17) that he'll get the ones on battle box printed out for all of us. Didn't happen. Finally got a set on paper the other night to laminate so I'll run with that at the moment but don't imagine they'll be that durable. I'm sure there are a plastic/harder wearing set. Or am I being a mong?
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