Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by BOOTW of RR, Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. Hello All,

    My First Post is to alert those able to do something about it as follows:



    Hello, I'm a regular at RR which is being invaded by a spammer posting porn there.

    I've reported it at RR but as all at RR are asleep I'm posting this at ARRSE, too, hoping that there is someone there able to get on the case ASAP Please.


    Spammer “xanig” is crayoning and posting hard porn all over RumRation whilst the world is sleeping.

    View Profile: xanig - Navy Net - Navy and Marine Community

    XANIG needs deletion and investigation ASAP

    Alert the Owners to drop this site until the offending material is removed


    Bob Aka "Breathing out on the way up".


    The above is the text I've just sent to Bad-CO.

    Over to you for now, ARRSE could be the next Target for this numpty!
  2. What's wrong with someone posting porn? There should be more of it. Stop being a prude!
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  3. Great - thanks for the heads up!
  4. If it 'tis your sort of Porn then You are Xanig and I claim my eyesight back - NOW, damn you Sir!
  5. *deepens voice* Spam, you say? Fear not, you delicate blossom of virtual virtue *gestures heroically* I will save you!

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  6. Moi?

    Unshockable - but 'tis the younkers and Newbies I fear for - Many of our precious Newbies (on long waiting lists, BTW) are not yet ready for such exposures. It might put ideas into their innocent heads.

    Besides that there's the risk of xanig coming to you, too, and we know how delicate some of your Posters are. Just ask Ravers:wink:
  7. Mark the Spambuster - I looked at RR and BOOTW is correct that Xanig is posting something on every thread which is a link to a .jpg which i did not open. However BOOTW has placed posts much like the original above on what appears to be each and every RR thread. Not sure which is more annoying.

    Hope all is well in Oz. In Mass., USA we are getting storm with thundersnow, 55mph winds and power outages all over the state. Right now sitting here sipping tea with heat up high so if I lose power it will take longer for the pipes to freeze. October FFS!! Not fair. Western MA has 2 feet of snow already. Coast (i.e. me) is supposed to get only 2-4 inches.
  8. Noted - Like it or not my posts were to cover the spammer at the same rate - No on else up at RR.

    I realise that my blanket cover is repetitive but it seems to have paused the perp. for now.

    I have every confidence that some MOD/CO will (once they wake up!) weed out my covering posts, too, when he tackles the spammer.

    The alternative was to do nowt and turn in. Decisions Decisions...:roll:

    Just Enjoy your Tea & keep warm now, ye hear!
  9. You only have yourself to blame. If you'd stayed British you'd be sipping tea in your shirtsleeves on your porch, balmy weather with gentle zephyrs ruffling your hair.

    Honest. ;-)
  10. Now then, what sort of porn are we speaking of here? If it is of wenches then more must be submitted, but if it is of the hairy arssed botty bandit variety.....we must stop these insidious goings on immediately.

    Where is this RR you speak of?
  11. Sorry Cabanana old bean, but you are too late: Our Good CO has arisen from his nocturnals and is now on the case.

    Wherefore RR? 'It's the gull's way and the whale's way, where the wind's like a whetted knife' - But if I told you I'd have to ...

    So ask Ravers instead:wink:

  12. BOOTW sorry, just seemed odd and Mark the Convict is our champion spambuster. I know little about computer/email issues and wanted to let Mark know. Mark is in Oz and me US so we keep separate hours from the majority of ARRSEr's.

  13. Thanks for that David,

    I'm nocturnal sometimes so I'll look out for you two again.

    After all this excitement I'm racking up...bye.

    PS Those Phots were mostly Grannies which this Grandad didn't recognise:|