Flash: 18/7 2220hZ - explosion manhattan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by labrat, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. just breaking on news channels at moment!

    Early reports indicate explosion and buildings collapsed, crowds fleeing area.
  2. Apparently it's not thought to be terrorist related at this point
    (by police on the ground there)
  3. Reuters are saying its just a transformer explosion, nothing to get excited about

  4. Local Staten Island Media say:

    A transformer explosion at 41st and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan sparked a scare this evening as police cordoned off several blocks.

    Fire and emergency crews responded to the scene where they suspect a manhole explosion was the cause of major distress during the evening rush hour, officials said. It is not terrorism-related, the officials said.

    Smoke was seen billowing above the east side of Manhattan, and several blocks were evacuated.

    --Advance staff and Associated Press reports

    Stand dow, stand down!

  5. Having just seen Mt St Helens in the middle of the street in Manhatten, I would suggest being excited would be a good word to use. 8O

    You think steam leaping into the air 1000' is normal???
  6. Good point - typical British tendency to understate.
  7. I new NYC had a steam distribution system (you always see steam in the background in movies set there) but I didnt know it was so big! Should we start a sweep on how long it will take to depressurize?

    The NYPD guys are starting to wear stuff to cover their mouths and noses. I wonder has a foul sewer cracked.
  8. This could be serious, the alligators could escape.
  9. Not the alligators!? No, surely not (are they from Hill street (as in blues??)).
  10. Which Transformer - surely not Optimus Prime?

    Might be Decepticon-related, are they proscribed as an organisation?
  11. From what I've heard, it was a steam explosion, not related to terrorism. All the government ratcheting up fear with the latest security report and Micheal Chertoff feeling another Al Qaeda attack in his gut, I'm not surprised at the panic in the aftermath but it is not another attack. Not that we are any safer in the states, but this heightened alert seems all designed at manipulating the 2008 election. Carry about business as usual.