Flare parachute wire

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by civviestreetpete, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. Hi, total ignorant n00b here.

    Recently I WAS NOT on a training ground with the Toys and I DID NOT see anything at all resembling a shmuli (how the hell do you spell that) [the little hand held twist and pop light goes up, tap tap, dead kill the enemy flare on a parachute thing] which was burnt out and I DID NOT borrow any part of it. That's illegal, right?

    However, if I had, I would have noticed that the wire used to attach the burning bit to the floating parachute bit was made of string and wire, basically the toughest stuff I've ever felt. Not that I've felt it/got some at home.

    Anyway, I was wondering if that stuff had a name and if you could buy it anywheresomething similar to it. Just to clarify, I'm not looking to buy the flare, of the hand-held twist and pop bit, or anything thats goes bang, I just want some of the wire, because it's ARD.


    (also, can anyone tell me the proper name of this device, googling shmuli/schmuli/shmully etc isn't coming up with anything...)

    (also it may not be hand held it might come out the hot end of a 51mm but I think not)
  2. ir you are talking about a trip flare, try cat gut.
  3. I wouldn't worry about it, I've taken loads from the area's as long as they don't still have burny firey bits still attached, then they're just someones 'handerchief' which you found, honest M'Lud.
    My kids' Action Men have had more Para training than the whole of the Helicopter Dismount Brigade put together
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  4. Rocket Hand Fired Illuminating Parachute.
  5. Thanks for the Schermuly link. :D

    Sorry I'm not, but at least I know now, thanks.

    Haha, I don't worry. Totally unworried! It had a "burny bit" but my Leatherman type thing saw to that! If I leant out all the kit in my house back to the army we'd probably have conquered America by now... :/

    No, that looks more like tape kinda stuff. The stuff I'm on about is like string, but with wire interwoven into it.... Hmmm... perhaps I'll take a photo of the thing (that I don't have) and post it up here. Wait. Out.
  6. BTMAD (buythatmanadrink)
  7. GAL
    (Get a Life)
  8. Try Pains Wessex as a manufacturer.
  9. Which reminds me. Somebody had been chucking military concealment smoke canisters about the other day. Not the sort of thing you see on the streets of Fulham. I was wondering if they were bought or proffed.
  10. Alright, so the picture you posted was indeed a "Schermuly" officially known as
    Rocket Hand Fired Illuminating Parachute L5A4
    ADAC: 12701-11
    NSN: 1340-99-966-2984

    So I've looked at pictures of that and have come to the conclusion that the wire I'm on about is off of an 81mm Illum round between the burning bit and the parchute. (which you can buy, or just look at a photo of, here: PARACHUTE FROM 81MM ILLUM MORTAR - SpecialistAuctions.com Rare, vintage and collectables online auctions)

    So my next/last question is, does anyone know what kind of wire that is/if you can buy it/"borrow" it from stores in quantity? (rather than just cutting it off the parachutes that you find in the Welsh countryside, which gives you about 9 inches of it per parachute catch - not really a good plan...)

  11. What do you want to use it for? Its strength or fire resistance or both?
  12. In no way did the granular contents of smoke grenades ever get put in Birmingham nightclub ashtrays. Not at all :wink:
  13. I reckon he's equipping his rape van.