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Hey guys, im starting basic in april and hope to be in battalion by early 2013, im an avid table to wargamer and was wondering how popular this was in the army. thanks
Keep quiet about it in basic. You will have more than enough to keep you busy without the instructors and other recruits "asking" about your toy soldiers.

Once you get to your unit then I'm sure you will find someone else with the same interests. I managed to find one or two wargamers at every unit I was posted to.

Failing that check out the local area for wargame clubs - a good place to ask is here:

[TMP] The Miniatures Page

Sound advice,
Wait till you get into your unit and you will probably find signs up at the Naafi,
Sadly its like being religious, hide it until you get past the first hurdle.
However if you turn up at basic and say your hobby consists of a 4ft pile of porn mags, your everybodys friend :)
In basic.... dont give any bullies or Cpls an excuse to poke fun at you..... Some folk will find you as an easy target! Especially for getting 'dicked' to do 'special'tasks.

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