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Flames coming out of the exhaust!!!

Lancashire Fire and rescue list the following as being the main causes of fire:




Heat - radiated/convected/conducted

Careless disposal of smoking materials


Hope this helps.
You have unburnt fuel in your exhaust which ignites when it reaches fresh air behind the car:

Either your timing is out and the exhaust valve opens before the fuel has burnt,
Your valve seats are corroded and not holdingthe fuel in the chamber long enough to burn off.
Your fuel injection or carburretor is running rich and putting too much fuel in for the amount of air in the chamber

if its a turbo your ECU is not matching your airflow to your fuel mixture.

Im not a mechanic so possibly ask Reme or a proper mechanic.
l'd say she was running a tad erm... rich!!

or someones put fireworks up it!!

Id get it looked at asap though, some bystander gets fried pins in a town for example and you will be well in the sh**
Cheers guys. Its not a highly tuned car so it isn't supposed to do that.

:oops: cheers threaders i'll stop using my fighter jet in town.
Unburnt fuel or excess CO burning off. If your car has a catalytic converter sadly you may be in for an expensive surprise.

Get it sorted ASAP

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