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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by sigstab, May 7, 2004.

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  1. Does the beloved corps still use the aardvark (death trap) mine clearing machine???
    I had the pleasure in Gulf 1. Just wondering!!!!!!!!! 8O
  2. Well it was still in use in Bosnia in 1998. Feckin nightmare too get spares for!
  3. Saw a few in the Gulf with the EOD boys and I'll dig around, I'm sure I've got a photo of one in 'action' somwhere.


    Found it
  4. they look a bit awkward , but apparently do the job ok , but what in your opinion would be the most useless bit of engineering kit ever made , i mean the list is endless but my top one would have to be the light mobile digger , if it ever got out of camp , it didn't stay out long and had its own REME team following it.not bad if you were the planty who had to drive it though,no point even getting your gat out of the armoury!!!
  5. CET has to be high on the list. Some love them, most hate them. Still in service and there's been one in the Corps Museum for ages! 8O
  6. please tell me they've updated the mine detectors now , or are they still using the ones left over from el-alemein???
  7. Always thought that having a Stalwart as a G10 vehicle was pretty arrse. As soon as it broke down, which was inevitable, then chances were you'd be offloading the whole G10 so that the REME could take a look, as the bit that had gone wrong was invariably under the deck! Bag of arrse :evil:
  8. I was a CET op in the mid 80's and they weren't that bad then, I heard they made some mods to the drive train after that which meant they went tits up almost as soon as the engine started . As for the LMD's it was unusual to see one on excercise back then, they usually broke down on the way to the rail flats just outside a schnellie!.

    edited, just cruising the armoured engineer site, the only Photos of a CET are of one in pieces, someone had a sense of humour! http://www.armouredengineer.force9.co.uk/cet1.htm
  9. Wow!

    That fecker looks exactly like the one I had in Bosnia! :?

    I mean what are the chances of having two CETs in utter sh*t state, with bits falling off and more leaks than the Welsh??

    Uncanny 8O
  10. CET - fcuking impressed when 59 got one to play with* in Norway in the late 70's. Fcuking Booties got serious hard ons, thought we had a secret APC ("sooo, where do the troops get in then?"). Interesting trying to break through fjord ice when swimming (thus breaking the "floaty thingy" in the bucket), and watching it leap off the snow-rutted road into a (only just emptied) school playground. It got addicted to Cold Start - at the end of a 2 month winter deployment it needed to snort 15-20 cartridges before the bugger started. The transmission was great, but the BV was the best bit. Oh yes.

    *<Cough>...to er "trial in Arctic conditions".....

  11. Poetic
  12. Had an Aardvark in Afghanistan 02 up there in Bagram, piece of Arrse!
    I think we left it there for Halo to look after along with a couple of other bits of plant.
    Good old Jez and his boys had their hands full after that.
  13. The trouble with the CET is the same as a lot of the army plant. It sits around for 11.5 months of the year and then everyone's (Not) surprised when it breaks down within hours (if you're lucky) of starting work. The ops need to work on it all year and it needs to be exercised regularly. Very regularly.

    But the powers that be need the manpower somwhere else and they only get to see the kit days before it's off on an FTX. "It aint gonna happen" as the phrase so quaintly puts it and the kit gets a sh1t reputation, not just in the Corps, but with every Plank, Scaley and Infanteer that has had to grab shovels and dig their 'tank' in when the CET fails.
  14. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Worked in a couple of RAOC/RLC stores sections and I used to ring the wife when the CET’s were being first paraded. Sure enough a smiling REME SW came with a fist full of demands.

    Mind you the Terex FSDT and the Availing Barford Grader and the D6 tractor were about as reliable as Gary Glitter in a crèche

    :lol: :wink:
  15. Worst bit of kit had to be Thorneycroft Light Mobile Digger, used to attempt to dig trenches for the grunts, bag of bollox, shovel RE always had to help out. Does anyone remember the Mk3 Minelayer- what fun we had on Soltau etc laying sh*tloads of concrete Mk7's - Double Impulse, Nutcracker, Fcuk I am getting old. I remember stripping all the IRR paint off 3 Troop 25 Fd Sqn's inn 1979 using brake fluid, they were all being backloaded to wherever the 'Beast' was retired too.. What worries me is I still think Im a sprog!