Flags and identity: Are the English more civilised?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BoomShackerLacker, Apr 23, 2012.

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Your views on identity:-

Poll closed Jun 12, 2012.
  1. Self-confidence requires no symbols

  2. The English have lost their identity somewhat

  3. Britishness is over-taking English identity

  4. Englishness isn't an identity, more a way of life

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. " The key finding is that only a slim majority, six out of ten, of the English associate their national flag with pride and patriotism, compared with 84 per cent in Scotland and 86 per cent in Wales. Worse, 24 per cent, including one in three of the under 40s, think of racism and extremism when they see the St George's Cross."

    New Statesman - The politics of English identity
  2. Whenever I see a St George's Cross on display outside a UK residence, the residence always seems to be in a shit hole council estate.

    There should be more recognition given to the patriotism of these council house dwellers instead of the negative press reports about their invariable benefit fraud.

    The gopping pikey bastards.
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  3. Living in northern Ireland as I do during a certain summer celebration that big amoung some of us over here I put several flags out to celebrate my British identity one of which is a saint George's flag on account of me being half English and I am not a pikey and I am gainfully employed
  4. Which County do you live in?
  5. Badger Heed "the residence always seems to be in a shit hole council estate".....IIRC that describes Gateshead perfectly :)

    My flag comes out every St Georges Day and I live in the country!!! Shit hole council estate, indeed!!!!
  6. Antrim
  7. I will concur about Gatesheed!

    My St George's flag is proudly displayed in tattooists ink on my back. It takes pride of place nestled neatly between the "Mutha & Fatha" memorial scrolls on each shoulder blade.

    I look quite the business when waddling down my litter strewn street whence taking my two Staffordshire breed canines for their daily dalliances.

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  8. I sadly lost my old flag a couple of years ago when I proudly displayed it over the RHQ clock at Fally - however I have a new one ..........
  9. I am quite strict on the flying of my
    Flags 1st of July till the last Saturday of August. Nothing worse then seeing flags reduced to rags cause they have been left out to long. When I was growing up in England, patriotism was frowned upon. It seemed the English was out of fashion because we were all Europeans and being English smacked of the imperialism and we were not like that anymore. When I moved to northern Ireland I didn't return to England for 10 Years ( on account of easy jet and ryan air not being invented) so it was nice when i did get back it was nice to
    See all the England flags.

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  10. BH, when I worked in Gateshead I stayed in Wickham...good pub there called the Bay Horse - cracking grub and a good pint. That was a few years ago now...I had some good times up there, I tell you :)
  11. 3123, As a proud Englishman, I salute you and St Andrew! Thats what magnanimous Patriotism should be. Ive lived in Scotland (Prestonpans) and some of your Countrymen are not so magnanimous. :)
  12. I think that St George's flags should be burned outside every Mosque in the country, and stamped on vigorously and with gusto by my sandal wearing bretheren.

    As my mate Ahmed was telling me the other day....He who builds a masjid in the way of Allah, God will build a house for him in the paradise.

    So, **** you mash men. Allahu Akbar ya bass!!

    And by the way, Billy Shakespeare was a knob!
  13. Ah Biscuits, you cock.
  14. No chance mate, that's an Englishman's pastime.
  15. Ho Ho. Your a Scotsman arent you?