Flagging up folders with new posts.

When I first joined ARRSE, any topic that had a new post in it would turn the folder to the left red, so I knew straight away which ones had new posts. It appears for some reason that my set up may have changed and it doesn't do it anymore. Any tips on how I can change my set up so that the folders turn red when a new post has been made?? Ta.
Not a clue. I don't think it's a feature that you can turn off. Mine is working fine (this is my first time on in a week so the whole thing is red). Anyone else having / had this problem?
All 10 posts in the home page are red, when I go to the forums link all of the folders are blue.

Mr Happy

I don't think it is you my old china, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It's an ARRSE problem and not your account to be sure, sometimes the board is red but when you drill down to the threads there's nothing in red.

It was/is a nice feature of the site over what used to be there in the old days. I suspect Bill Gates is responsible somewhere. Fcking Yanks.
An ARRSE problem it may be, but it still hasn't afflicted me so I can't test or solve it. Every time I come on the boards with new posts are red and when I go in to them so are any new topics / topics with new posts. As long as I don't then go away (totally out of the forum) and come back (ie start a new session) this stays the same; as I read each one it goes back to blue. I'm sure there's a problem from what you've said, but really need a bit more help (exact description and input from a few different users) before I can try to solve it.
I've noticed that if you navigate around using the links above the posts (in text: "www.arrse.co.uk >> ARRSE Problems and Suggestions" you can move around without losing the red folders, but if I go in to a forum then use BACK on the browser to get to the index page, they all go - it turns blue. Wierd.

From the front page could this be the same? Don't use back once you've looked at one, use the links.

Let me know. I'm a bit more enthusiastic at the moment so will try harder to solve it this time.
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