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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pompey, May 21, 2010.

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  1. 5Live were just talking about the current flurry of St George flags at the moment outside homes and attached to cars as the world cup looms. The debate obviously went down the path of why is the English (and British) flag seen as a bad thing in many corners (or just by liberal apologists) and is it tacky / chavvy and why don't other countries have a problem with being openly patriotic?! I imagine this thread has been done before (during last world cup or on St George's day) and we all had a good rant, but I thought I'd throw it out there again (as I've nothing else to do on POETS day!)
  2. Usually if you see a car with those tacky flags stuck to the doors, you know that the driver is a chav without even needing to look!
  3. I might buy a set of them for every country England is playing against. :D
  4. But if they were being flown through a cricket / rugby tournament would you think the same?
  5. I wouldn't have a problem if they weren't defaced with ENGLAND across the cross, just to make sure the hapless 'waver' which country he is meant to be representing.
    Seriously, the simple red cross on a white field is one of the most elegent flags in the world, why scrawl across it? You may as well attach a sign onto your car stating 'the driver of this vehicle is a chav'.
  6. One of my pet hates, that - and it gets worse when it's in some ridiculous Olde Englande font. It's the English flag for the love of God, what's next? "Great Britain" scrawled across the Union Flag?

    No doubt that'll be next :x

    It also irritates me that flying the English flag is seen as a sign of racism, and that the Union Flag isn't much further behind, depending on where you are and how many white middle class people there are on the local council (the more white middle class apologists there are, the more racist the flag is deemed to be - most of those allegedly offended couldn't care less).

    At least when I was at uni in Wales, it was racism on the part of the Welsh that made the St George's Cross iffy to fly, not perceived racism on the part of the flyer!
  7. I don't think it is still seen as racism. I think a lot of effort has been put in over the last 5 years or more to "reclaim" the flag from the idiot skinheads. I would be amazed if anybody admitted to seeing the flag as racist.
  8. I have my German one on the motor already.
  9. yep, Chavtastic! Its so tacky.
  10. I don't think that the popular perception of racism is there anymore Bazz, just from the 'well meaning, offended on the behalf of third parties' brigade - but then again, even the Daily Heil seems to be coming up with fewer and fewer 'world gone mad' stories these days.

    My first thought whenever I see an England flag these days is invariably "are you so thick that you don't know what country that flag belongs to?". Was it started by the red-tops trying to offer a free flag for footie tournaments that's a bit different from something you can buy from a market (i.e. a proper flag), or is it simply an indication of how dim the general population are perceived to be?
  11. I should point out that my house will be festooned with the St. George Cross throughout the tournament, in addition to the one that is normally flying in the back garden. But that is because I am painfully patriotic and nationalistic, not because "Da Sun told me ta fly it".
  12. Good man!

    As soon as I move from my current hotbed of jihadism, I'll be purchasing some proper (cloth) ones - St. George's and a Union Flag...
  13. No i wouldn't.

    Neither cricket or rugby have had anywhere near the problems that football has, and still has.

    Last time I went, rugby & cricket crowds weren't separated at all. You could banter & socialise with your oppo on the train there, in the same pubs & sit side by side in the stadium.

    It isn't rugby or cricket fans who gave England such a bad name in the 80s and 90s with hooliganism.

    The English flag has been somewhat tainted by the likes of the NF, BNP & EDL. Didn't the EDL start as a football casuals protest against Islam?
  14. Perhaps it could be written on in Urdu to remind people where they were?
  15. No, that's discriminatory - maybe a flag with "If you require this flag in another language, please ring 0800..."