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hi Q's,

can anyone tell me the NSN for the ARMY's single service flag please ?



Mr Happy

Thanks Tich, a little steep for my personal project... I'll go to them if there's no other choice..

anyone else?


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Englishspringer said:
Not much help but if you can get hold of an MMPI disk (SCOC Disk) type in Flag Distinguishing and see what you get.
thanks...I'll see if I can find a friendly soul with access to unicom.

( alternatively someone who works at LAND and has a phone number for the Office keeper or whoever else lays in the flags......if this is YOU plse PM me !)

Le Chevre
Before anybody says anything I am not in the forces.

Whereabouts can I buy a small Welsh cotton flag to add a personal touch to my CS95 shirt I've got hanging about in my wardrobe?
And a Welsh one at that! 8O
Ord_Sgt said:
And a Welsh one at that! 8O
Arghhhh....the Sons of Glyndwr!

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