Flag ident!

In Hereford today there was a flag on the town hall at half mast.

The flag was 3 gold prone lions on a red background, thick blue border with gold 'crosses' in the border.

Never seen it and it was a real wonder why it was at half mast.

I know a gentleman from the camp has died recently but would have thought it would have been the UJ flown at half mast in those circumstances.

Looked for the flag on google to no avail.



Town Clerk’s Office, Telephone: 01432 260454

Email: tracy@herefordcitycouncil.gov.uk

This would appear to be connected to Hereford in some way;

Coat-of-Arms-001.jpg Hereford City Coat of Arms.

The City Coat of Arms is as fine a Coat of Arms as will be found in any Guild or Town Hall throughout the realm. A simple description of it would be that it comprises the Arms of one sovereign of England surrounded by an award for gallantry given to the whole city by another sovereign of the realm. The Hereford Coat of Arms conforms to standard British Heraldic practice in that it consists of four main elements in correct juxta position. The arms central, flanked by supporters, with a crest at the top and a motto at the bottom. Central to the design is a red shield bearing three lions passant guardant. This device was the personal arms of King Richard l, Sovereign of England. He gave this City its first Royal Charter in 1189 and the City of Hereford shares with the City of London, the unique distinction that they are the only two places in the realm allowed to wear a Sovereign’s Coat of Arms within their own. The entire remainder of the design dates from much later to 1645 at which time England was in a state of civil war. The City of Hereford stood for the King and at the time in question was garrisoned by Royalist troops; The garrison, however, was very small – no more than 150 or 200 men at the most. A large force of Scottish troops – 14,000 men – under the command of Leslie, Earl of Leven, arrived in Hereford; These were mercenary troops fighting for Cromwell. On gaining intelligence as to the size of the garrison within the City, they promptly surrounded it with the intention of capturing it. However, the citizens of Hereford joined with the soldiers and did the duties of soldiers so nobly that they kept the Cromwellian troops at bay for approximately five weeks. There was no penetration of the City defenses at any time by the Scottish troops whose sole achievement of destroying one span of the old bridge over the Wye and dislodging a few stones from the City walls. At the end of five weeks, the Scots gave up trying to capture the City and responding to a rumour that an army of relief for the City was en route, left, leaving the Royal Standard flying in triumph over the City. King Charles l, on hearing of this was delighted and full of praise for the citizens of Hereford. He visited the City in order to thank them personally for their success. He dined one night at the Bishop’s Palace and at the end of this dinner he is alleged to have made the Grant of Arms, which has resulted in the Coat of Arms, which the City of Hereford now possesses. The actual grant of Letters Patent is dated 16th September 1645, and the Grant of Arms was as follows:

Around the Royal Shield of Richard there shall be a blue border representing the surrounding of the Royal stronghold by the forces of the Commonwealth.

On that blue border there will be placed ten saltires, which are white diagonal crosses, one for each of the ten regiments which comprise the Scottish besieging force. Thus the Arms of the City of Hereford represent the successful defense of the City for the Crown against the rebel forces.

On top of the Coat of Arms is found a Lion Crest, signifying loyalty to and defense of the Crown, and is rare in civic heraldry. Of even greater rarity is the barred peer’s helm supporting the crest found only in the Arms of one other municipal authority in England – The City of London.
I'll give the spotters first dibs then drop Tracy a line later (no cheating as I will check)

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Flag looks something like this albeit flag size and shape


Mark The Convict

The Waltenkommando? (Hereford Town Hall, where else would you expect to find them?)
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That would be the Hereford City Councils flag and the Hereford lions are "passant" not prone. Prone would be lying down or "couchant" or "dormant."
Email reply

Dear Mr ********

Thank you for your email and I am happy to answer your questions.

The flag that is flying at half mast at present is the County Flag. The reason that it is flying at half mast is due to the passing of as past Mayor and Councillor Mr Ivor Williams. Mr Williams was the 587th Mayor of the City of Hereford in 1968.

Unfortunately this is the second time in three weeks that the flag has been flying at half mast as Mrs Mary Bew also passed away recently. She was also a Councillor, who served the City for 34 years, was Mayor in 1980 and was a Freeman of the City of Hereford.

The flag flies at half mast as soon as notification of their passing is received until the funeral.

The symbol of the Royal Family is the Union Jack. This is flown on Royal birthdays, visits etc. The only time that would fly at half mast would be on the passing of the Queen or other senior member of the Royal Family.

There are three different flags flying at the Town Hall that you will see on different occasions. The two mentioned above and the third is the City Flag.

I hope you have found this information useful and it answers all your questions.

Kind regards

Tracy Morriss


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That would be the Hereford City Councils flag and the Hereford lions are "passant" not prone. Prone would be lying down or "couchant" or "dormant."
Well if you're going to get the French involved, might as well mention that there are 3 Leopards rather than 3 Lions.
Lions are depicted Rampant.
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two's up on the blond with big tits. I know I usually go for Asian birds with petite figures, but that blond bint looks durty.
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