Flag-burning could become crime

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. Police chiefs are urging the government to make flag-burning a new criminal offence, as part of a drive to crack down on Islamic extremists and others preaching violence and religious hate.

    "About time"

    More here
  2. Morons.

    No new laws are necessary; every single instance of evil we've seen on the six-o'clock news over the past twenty years can be dealt with under existing legislation. The Police are too chained, gagged and whipped by their own cowardly culture of appeasement to use it.

    (edit. Plural, not singular. Pay attention.)

  3. well said, the laws are already in place
    so use them
  4. Can you remind the CPS and muppet magistrates then ?
  5. Making flag burning a crime goes against all that Britain has stood for over the last century. This is the sort of law this is adopted by other countries who are insecure about their national identity and fear being questioned or challenged. This law may be right for Iran, America or Nazi Germany but not Britain. We have been a (mostly) tolerant, liberal democracy for far longer than other countries. Our system is not perfect but has stood the test of time far better than that of virtually every other significant country.

    Let them burn flags, it only shows the true weakness of their argument. Our democracy is stronger than that. If we criminalise it we are only playing into the hands of those who seek to provoke a reaction. Even the IRA realised that armed force alone could not succeed and had to resort to democratic process. After all, if we criminalise flag burning, what will be next! Fox hunting, binge drinking?

    If you think this is a good idea go and read 1984 by George Orwell.
  6. This reminds me of when I was in Cyprus. The Greek Cyps were having one of their rallies to whine about the fact that these nasty Turks had taken over the top part of their country and the crowd in Nicosia were being whipped up into a frenzy by the various Politoco's on stage.

    Suddenly a slight figure jumped up on to the stage and pulled out a TRNC flag and unfurled it, the crowd went mad and the heavies guarding Clerides jumped on the poor bloke and beat him to within an inch of his life and as they dragged him off a lighter fell out of his hand.

    Oh how we laughed - I bet he wished he'd bought himself a zippo - virtually guaranteed to light first time!
  7. P*st myself laughing!!!!
  8. On heavy rotation on BBC 24 this, with a bit off footage of a 'non muslim' white male protestor being harrased by a PC for objecting to a 'kill all infidels' protest. A very nasty attack on civil liberties - anyone know any more about this incident?
  9. Didnt the police arrest some idiot for trying to hand out copies of the
    cartoons to the muslim protestors ?
    Is there a lot of flag burning going on ?
  10. This looked like some bloke who was driving past and was giving them some back.

    PS The Jack should be protected by law in these uncertain times and no demonstrator should be allowed to cover their faces.
  11. Oh hadn't seen the clip whats wrong with the police telling the bloke to just move along .I think the police have the right to unmask any protestors now dont they?
  12. The shooting community has been screaming that line for years. Very possibly so have many other segments of the community.

    On the Bloke who was told to move on by the PC. IIRC he was driving past, took offence at the signs, and was stopped by a PC who told him to move off or be arrested. Now that would have been interesting to see the aftermath of him being arrested.
    I think there was a bit of a hoo-hah about that at the time.
  13. Far too much banning going on. Most important feature of fee speech is knowing where you stand with each other. If some people of this or that religion happen to be xenophobic, then preventing them the right of demonstrating that... simply denies wider knowledge of that fact. Makes me wonder who is trying to protect what or who..... last thing we need is the cops sanctioning new laws... already far too many laws. :roll: