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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jmacmac, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. I work with a guy in the RAF, who has signed off and is in his Resettlement Phase. He showed to me today an RAF Briefing Note stating that personnel in the resettlement process are now exempt from doing any RAF fitness tests. Any one know if something like this is in place for the Army aswell.
  2. Just don't bother doing any.

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  3. Surely during your resettlement you are far too busy being on leave, courses, interviews etc to be in actual work?

    I've certainly never seen a chit to exempt people anything on resettlement, but then, being a practical man I wouldn't dream of loading them onto any mil training or similar when they've got weeks to do - why would anyone?
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  4. Because some people in this Army are natural born *****...that and jealous / spiteful because you're jacking it in
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  5. There is no equivalent in the army, u til after your medical. however, anyone getting out should have enough about them to organise some resettlement activity during PT. Alternatively, just do it and coast. Plus, no OC tp staffs in their right mind would have you going on battle PT etc in case you injure yourself and cost the army a fortune in !
  6. given that a lot of the jobs that ex forces chase after,(fire,police,hmp etc)all have fitness test,you be shooting yourself in the foot to stop pt etc,another tip no matter how many Qs you have check your basic maths and english,years back i did the maths test at a fire service and 85% left after that exam.
  7. on a similar note - is there something stating you shouldn't be an 'account holder' (i.e. have copious amounts of kit on your flick) for your last 6 months, or is that just rumour control?
  8. Don't know about that, but again it would make good sense for both yourself and the CoC to divest you of any such likeASAP!
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  9. I ended up doing a CFT within 3 months before leaving, but then everyone doing it was a redundee, was going to be a swan as the PTI was getting out too, but the fkin Trg Sgt decided to rock up so that was it, 8 miles later........

    I never got to hand any of mine in until 2 months before leaving.
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  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The day before I left I was in baruki sanger!

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  11. now that's hardcore.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    In more ways than one!

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  13. I had to do a Guard Commander after I had de-kitted, argument was I should of still had my kit but Q stores being as they are wanted me off their flick before they fecked off on leave.

    No amounts of arguing could shift the mindset to change stags and was told to borrow kit, so I did, well in fact I wore what buckshee kit I had left.

    Of the look on the ROS's face as I stood there for inspection wearing a para smock, junglies and magnums was priceless, thankfully he saw the funny side of it and didn't hassle me all night.

  14. I had 12 great enjoyable years spoilt by a handful of such ***** in my last 6 months, took me years to even consider going to a reunion in case I launched one of those fucktards
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  15. What the **** was the title of that resetlement course?......

    ......Tractors and fuelbombs. A four month course at the end of which you will be able to correctly identify terrorist scum and the methods of delivering shit loads of lit fuel to an OP.
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