Fixing the Price of Ale

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. Who the bloody hell are all these do-gooders to state how much beer should cost? If someone has such a shitty life that he wants to drink it away on 20p cans of Special Brew then let him. I just heard a phrase 'Raise the Price and Save a Life'.....oh behave!
    Personally they want to be looking at lowering and then fixing the price of petrol as that's making people stay at home to drink the cheap booze!
    Now, where's my stash of Norseman Lager......
  2. 20p for special brew,where,where,WHERE?. :)
  3. Best i've seen is Hobgobling for 90p a pint at the local chav bargains.I just love the tut's from fatty 2 prams with her pack of tampax as i weigh 30 bottles in. :)
  4. Feckin send post code I'll fetch a van.
  5. Thought we’d outed the control freaks when Labour were dumped. Just goes to show - they’re all a bunch of cnuts.

    Won’t stop me being a piss head. I like booze and I don’t give a fuck if it kills me.

    Gave up smoking what seems like donkeys ago and don’t regret giving that up - but I like drink, I like drink a lot, in fact... I like a lot of drink... drink drink drink!!!
  6. I could be wrong (not for the first time) but as I understand it HMG has said as long as they get there cut (duty + VAT) you can then charge as little or as much as you want
  7. It was on the news tonight that someone has found a loophole in the law.
    Something to do with the proportion to which an alcoholic beverage is taxed and the price of that beverage before tax.
    At the moment you can't hike up the booze price to save the 14 year olds by out priceing them, 'cos you'd have to tax it accordingly and VAT is 20%.
    Unless they change the law.
  8. They are going to have to legalise brothels, it's the only way to collect the revenue that will be lost by people not drinking and soup is good for you
  9. Back when I done my BII course, we were told that duty is set by the alcohol content, the more alcohol % in it, the more duty is paid.
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I thought when the Jocks tried this the EC told them it was against the Law?
  11. You got it! The Gov has waxed quite clever on this by appearing to satisfy those obnoxious little pressure groups who want us all to drink nothing but milk, and keep prices exactly as they were.

    QI (Stephen Fry - most sophisticated of homos) recently revealed that the "units" system of alcohol consumption was completely arbitrary and has no scientific basis whatsoever. Real scientific research, on the other hand, has found that we can drink up to a bottle of red/white a day without serious harm. Now, where are my 1.5 litre plastic bottles of Lidl red?
  12. Yes duty is set by alcohol content, which is why a lot of lagers are now 4% as opposed to the old 4.2%. Don't think the min price will make a difference to anything. Can't foresee a price increase on lagers and beers under the changes, in supermarkets.

    Now if they really wanted to curb binge drinking, the thing to do would be a realistic fine for drunk and disorderly and if you required hospital treatment as a result, well that would be self inflicted, so obviously you should pay.

    Otherwise no change on people lying in gutters, being sick in the streets, fighting and urinating in alleys.
  13. i think i may have seen that QI wasn't it down to making it sound more sciency
  14. I thought you were in favour of UKGov telling the EU to F off at every opportunity? :wink:

    Tax the cheap crap, so chavs have to face the miserable lives they have without benefit (see what I did there?) of anaesthetic.
  15. Yes. Alcohol content. But the news article thingy was going on about how much it costs to actually make, as oppose to alcohol duty to be levied. The VAT would go on it's inherent value as a booze, independently from duty;
    Tescos Blue Stripe whiskey costs-say- a pound a bottle to make.
    Laphroaig costs-say- a tenner to make.
    Both are 38% ABV so alcohol duty stays the same. BUT the VAT is higher on the single malt due to manufacture costs.
    (It tastes exactly the same as Teachers- Blue Stripe by the way.....).
    Dunno if this was right. If it is, only the "good stuff" will go up in price at the Supermarket.
    "Peaty," Single Malts? Pah!