Fixed Iridium Equipment

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MiracleBill, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone had implemented an Iridium data solution?
    I.e. laptop with iridium USB iridium modem to receiver at a data centre.
    I'm interested in preferred vendors/eqpt etc.
    Any serious pointers will be gratefully received.

  2. Is any of the kit under warranty?

    Is any of hte kit under contract?

    I am sure I went direct to Iridium, but I got a fair few pointers from RSSST... no idea who they are now mind. Something to do with 15 Sigs (new version)?
  3. I need to quote for equipment costs or at least an idea. Other end is out of scope but the base station fixed piece is in.
  4. Sorry,

    Are you trying to get stuff fixed or trying to buy new stuff?
  5. For 'fixed' read permanently installed into 19" racking.
  6. If you are forces you could try going to 15 (IS) Sig Regt for their information, but other than that the Global Sat comms suggested above rings bells with me, don't know if I've dalth with them before.
  7. Ignore.
  8. Er... are you in the wrong thread?
  9. I will pay more attention in future.
  10. If I understood your requirement correctly, I've installed something along those lines. It was a fallback iridium data link for when/if the VSAT dropped out. Basically Iridium basestation which has data serial port to a serial to USB adaptor (or straight to serial if an old computer) and configured a laptop for 17200 (i think) modem you have to add some extra commands though for it to work. If this sounds about right PM for more info. SO