fix vcr's, you must be joking they can't fix radio

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by plasticjock, Nov 18, 2002.

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  1. when did sigs fix video's, they can't fix radio's nevermind something as complicated as that ;D
  2. Pass me a sledge hammer .......... I'll fix it  ;D
  3. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Last time I looked, it was the REME who fixed stuff.

    The Sigs just go on long courses in order to better wualify themselves for leaving the army, don't they?
  4. we also go on long cse to qualify for better jobs in civvie street!!!  ;D
  5. It's sooooo nice to see that there are so many wise people out there.  What you all fail to realise is that with the progress made in comms equipment, there is a dumbing down in the training that techs recieve.  Years ago when we hade good old BRUIN, the predecessor of Ptarmigan for all of you who were still in school during the early 80s (make that nursery for a lot of you by the sounds of it) ;) techs were taught to fault find and repair down to module and component level on certain items.  I remember many techs who would modify peoples TVs so that they actually got sound when watching and videos were fixed on a regular basis.

    Unfortunately, now everything is surface mounted on multilayer circuit boards, there is very little anyone can do to fix a lot of kit.  It is cheaper to get a one for one replacement and throw away the faulty item.  To this end, techs are probably not trained to fix equipment anymore.  They are trained to fault find and isolate faults so that replacements can be fitted.

    As for the point about not being able to fix radios....the last time I was in a Regimental workshop, there were techs fixing 353 and 321 with monotonous regularity.

    Kind of blows your argument out of the water doesn't it. 8)
  6. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    spent many an hour fixing down to component level
    but since we are now going modular the plan seems to be to move to operator maintainor status so should give you moaning operators a chance to show how good a tech you are
    at least i'm not an IS Op !!
  7. Well said undertaker!  The "reme's" may have the rep for repaier etc but for me they are completely fcucked when out of their environment - which is ususally a well equiped electronics workshop.  I can bet that the RSigs techs in the sun at present willl be tabbin down to the local battlegroups to ad hoc all manner of repairs cos the reme don't make housecalls!

    Give me a seat of the pants 1st line tech anytime from Rsigs rather than the fat w**kers from the trade union.

  8. still can't beat a decent R Sigs Tech
  9. when was the last time REME fixed anything comms???
  10. my experience of REME telestechs were their radio 2nd line knowledge was better than ours, because thats all they do. On the ground no knowledge.

    Show them ptarmigan or other comms kit out of their basic remit and they think it's white mans magic
  11. The problem is many people think techs should be able to fix the kit they present, be that military equipment or personal, and are disappointed when they cant.

    Take a modern day VCR, I remember fixing the old top loaders which had maybe 4 or 5 seperate boards. Now adays you wont find a VCR that has more than one board, you may have noticed that the unit has become smaller in more modern times this is why. These boards are mass produced by robots, and the componets are crowded on to the board, component level fixing is not an option any more, as you will damage more components removing and replacing components. You could just replace the board, but it is now cheaper to buy a new unit, which after a year or two will have more features than the broken model anyway, than it is for the tech to search through the internet to find the correct board for you, buy it, pay P and P and wait for it and it may not work any way if it has been modified in the years or even months since the original unit was made.

    The same is happening in radios. If you want techs to fix them, no drama they will just have to stay bulky, heavy and thus limited in what they can do. Or you accept that a human can't possibley fix to component level on densely packed circuit boards, but you do get a lighter, smaller and more capable radio which may even have better battery life time thus reducing weight yet more.

    Modern comms systems are getting ever more complex, even in civvie street, so techs are not dumbing down. They are just concentrating in differnt areas. 60 years ago it was possible to replace broken valves that formed the the basis of computers CPUs, these CPUs would take up whole rooms, now adays you can get the same amount or more devices that act in the same way on a chip that can be measured in centi meters rather than the meters of a room. Do you feel techs have been dumbed down because of this? After all they can't replace the diodes on the chip now, yet they used to be able to replace the broken valves? Obviously this would mean you wouldn't have computers to log on to this site, unless you had a spare mansion to put it in. :D

    It is called progress.
  12. Well done, you said all that I would have said, if I could have been bothered! :p
  13. George W Bush said you still cant beat a sigs tech. I know, this is the problem being politically correct. In the good old days in the corps, it was almost a sport to take a tech round the back and give him an attitude re-adjustment. How times have changed, techs not even allowed to swing their handbags at each other.