Fix Bayonets

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muckievillan, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Just to make the point that British soldiers involved in this clip and their comrades all over Afghanistan, are real 'hard men'.

    Some of them, just 18 and weighing probably 10 and a half stone soaking wet, barely five feet six in height - these men, I repeat MEN, are, in the modern parlance: 'Well 'ard - Respect'.

    These men are in direct contrast to the drug taking, benefit receiving, shaven headed, ear-ring bedecked, tattoo festooned, work-shy, pot-bellied, bullying filth littering so many of our streets!
  2. You have a way with words and can only agree with you.
  3. "Time to earn our pay."

    Shame their political masters didn't share the courage, dedication to duty, and work ethic of those outstanding young men.

    RESPECT indeed!

  4. Strange i would say that they are the same people who are on our streets but choose to serve HM FORCES I have no problem with any chav that serves his/her country. RESPECT
  5. The thing that always makes me laugh is the amusingly stoical outlook held by your average squaddie.

    "'Ere you are, there's another one. Shoot 'im."

  6. The commander seemed very cool and composed there. Strange that there didn't seem to be any form of fire and manoeuvre drills though nor that a contact at such close range didn't seem to have any incoming fire. Job well done though.
  7. I thought exactly the same when I watched it. Very little movement and get the fire down in the general direction. Didn't matter so much this time as objective achieved. Good on ya lads! Keep safe
  8. Wasn't it that the En Posn was originally determined to be coming from the field- where the grenade was lobbed (not posted :D )- but as Charlie ran up the hedgerow on the L flank to clear it they came across another posn ('fcuk! 20M away, there!') and rolled through it?

  9. Good point 'jaybee'. The 'system' can turn a 'chav' into a soldier, but most of the brain-dead 'ne'er do wells' simply can't be arrsed to sign on. Two main reasons: idleness and cowardice.
  10. All in a days work for that section!

  11. Was very difficult to make out what was happening due to the quality of the recording. Still, dead Taliban are dead Taliban. Nicely done! :D
  12. Well done lads like you style. :D
  13. He forgot to take the ears,bah young pups :D