Five-year-olds assert their human right to be vi

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. :roll: :roll: :roll:

    The question is why are they doing this? Is it because their parents dont instill personal discipline in them or is that the parents are afraid to reprimand their kids for fear of the PC social services brigade?

    Children assert human rights at primary school?
  2. Trust me, after 3 years of working in schools (I just have to visit them now, thank God) after I'd left I was gobsmaked. When I left shool there were top, middle and bottom sets. With the new educational policies they are all mixed up, the bright kids cannot fly because they are having to be taught at the same pace as the dumb or disruptive kids. Special needs children are now included in all classes, these include the deaf, blind and children with severe physical disabilities. These children also detract from the speed subjects can be taught at. It's no wonder so many parents want the privately educate their kids these days.
  3. diet definitly has a part to play though when thekids I was working with had there pack lunch there all went manic
  4. What we need is a high profile chef to bring this issue to the attention of the Nation.
  5. And who can also serve the dual purpose of being duty smoke-generator.

    Where can one find such a person BB?

    clue: not a million miles from Downing St. today.
  6. there is oen now, jamie oliver cooking in schools for a documentry about school dinners
  7. Yes!!!!! YES!!!! Great stuff, semper, well done pal - I nearly fell off my chair!
  8. 'Kids you were working with'??? I wonder what you have just eaten.
  9. I am fed up to the back teeth, not with school meals I hasten to add but with "human rights". Its about time that we had a few more degrees of focus on human obligations and social responsibility.

    While I probably am three files to the right of Genghis Khan and possibly in the right hand end of the front rank to boot, I cannot see how anyone has a problem with the instilling of discipline in children, young adults, adults and even SAGA louts forsooth. The last fifteen years of education have been under the leadership of people who claim to be scarred by organised sport or by failing their 11 Plus/Common entrance exams. Well spiteful brigade, thank you for sharing that with us and our children. Now lets get on with the re-organisation of an education system which was never broken and didn't need fixing until you lot got stuck in...

    Its enough to make me storm out of my yurt, hop on one of my bushkhazi ponies and head for the gates of Constantinople, really it is!!
  10. My wife and I will cripple ourselves to send our children to private school just like my parents did. How sad that I shall have to do this just to ensure my children get a good and fair education. Fancy putting kids with special needs in the mainstream. They must get the p1ss taken out of them something rotten, it's not fair on them.

    However, as I have no kids yet I shall continue to spend a kings ransom on fine ales and aisian cuisine.

  11. Cuddles, you ain't right wing - just normal.

    It's the cretins who fail to instil discipline into their little "darlings" & the "let them express themselves" social inadequates who are to blame.

    Excluding the parents from the gene pool might help :x
  12. Perhaps it was because your English was so bad!
  13. One of my arguments for years has been that it was basic socialist policy to destroy the school system in UK.
    This helps them convert the population from the bottom up.
    Children do have rights.
    The right to do what their parents and adult teachers tell them and at 18 sign on for duty with HM forces.
  14. Exactly true, and not just the school system. It's the way of socialism to break down what is traditional and replace it with "new", that is complete with a made to look of tradition pedigree.

    Same thing happened/is happening in Canada, and parts of the US.

    But you know you'll just get labelled as a fuddy duddy who needs to move into "the 21st century". It's "the way of the future" you know.
    The same rhetoric is used to justify the current proposals for cuts/changes in the British military, particularly the Inf.
  15. I hate them.
    As a young lad I used to be allowed to sit in with my older brothers mates who where seven - ten years older then me.
    The where all left leaning young men, and I heard a lot of socialist talk when I was in my early teens.
    Red Star over China was the current 'In' book with the said group.
    The last time I was back in UK on leave I was staying with my brother and we had some interesting discusions on UK and life in general.
    The subject came up of all of my brothers old mates and what had become of them.
    Brother who is now retired became a succesful owner of a light engineering company, 25-30 employees. All his other mates bar one where now running their own business.
    The one who was 'Leader of the Socialist Pack' is now a uni professor teaching sociology/politics.
    Just a comment on life, most people grow up and mature, wife and kids demand it, but a few never will, they will follow the failed religion to their grave.