Five-year-old drives drunk mother home


A woman has been charged with child endangerment and public intoxication after she allegedly allowed her five-year-old son to drive her car.

When Holly Schnobrich's Mitsubishi car screeched to a halt near her home in Lafayette, Indiana, on Saturday night, neighbours said they discovered her son behind the wheel.

Miss Schnobrich, 24, was sitting in the passenger seat and her younger son, aged three, was sitting unbuckled in the back. Both children were in their pyjamas.

Wendy Barrett, a neighbour on whose property the car stopped, said that when she asked: "Is this toddler driving your car?", his mother replied: "He's a good driver." Another neighbour removed the keys so Miss Schnobrich, who reportedly asked them not to call police, could not get away.

Police said neither child appeared hurt or upset but the five-year-old told an officer that he had been "having a hard time because I can't reach the pedals".

According to court papers, Miss Schnobrich told investigators she had been taking Percocet, a prescription painkiller, to soothe her nerves when the children played up. She also said she had taken 86 sleeping pills in the previous two days.

She had pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated just four days before the incident.

Miss Schnobrich's lawyer declined to comment on the new charges.

The children are being looked after by the Department of Child Services.

The lefties in this country would have made sure he was given driving lessons so that he could look after his dear mother.
AND charge the neighbours with unlawful detention
AND...... No wait i don't have one.

Needless to say over here she'd have got off with it and probably recieved money off the goverment to pay for taxis when her car was taken from her by the Police!
Perhaps I should teach my 8 year old to drive me back from the pub, save on taxis
Damn! I wanted to be the first with the "Good Drills" comment.....
boelynbulldog said:
Perhaps I should teach my 8 year old to drive me back from the pub, save on taxis
At 10 I could and did drive my Grandad's 1959 SWB Landy but only off the public highways. Which is just as well as it was not taxed, insured and never had the benefit of an MoT. Oooo arrrr.

My Mum used to go bonkers but my Dad would simply point out that it was a required skill. Only thing I ever killed was a rabbit and the dogs ate the evidence.
When I were nowt but a sperm I invented the automobile...

.. and, of course, I was half the man I am now... :wink:


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The twinkle in my fathers' eye started WW2 - top that!
The twinkle in my fathers' eye started WW2 - top that!
Irrelevant - nothing to do with transportation...

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