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Five year bounty, Glasgow lost paperwork.

I have recently qualified for my 5 year bonus. Six weeks ago I signed the paperwork and give it to my Sqn clerk. He in turn passed it through the relevant chain of command within the regiment. However, once it was received by Glasgow they seem to have misplaced the paperwork. So I have been sent more paperwork to sigh, and have the pleasure of waiting another six weeks to receive the money.

However I have been informed that as Glasgow is responsible for the delay in payment, I can get an AR payment form my regiment, drawn form the bounty I will receive.

Is this true? Or is this another bit of barrack room nonsense?

Just be patient and wait for the money, if you have to sign more paperwork, it will inevitably cause more confusion. and produce more F ups. Have patience and you will get whats coming.

But I dont know if you can get an AR payment though.

Check out e bay theyve got loads of 1.2 Nova for auction :wink: :D

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