Five students win terror appeal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. Check his most recent posts on ARRSE, of course :roll:

    Oh, you didn't mean Taz? Sorry :oops:
  2. The true risk only becomes a walt when in court.

    If not caught he becomes a suicide bomber.

    You can jail paedophiles for looking at kiddy porn...

    Why not jail Islamists for looking at the pornography of terror.

    I liked the remarks about "Thought Crime" as from now on when I think of Islamist supporters and prevention of terrorism by the use of Zyclon B it means the law is on my side!

  3. But at the Court of Appeal, Lord Phillips said the men had clearly downloaded extremist material but he doubted if there was evidence to support the prosecution's case that this was in relation to planning terrorist acts.

    Ok try this one....

    If they downloaded kiddie porn, is that ok if they wernt planning to commit any illegal acts ???
  4. Legal system in this country will always support the terrorist over the civilian. Have done so since 1945 - hence Birmingham 6, Guildford bombers etc etc.

    Legal system should be nationalised and most judges sacked for being self regarding cnuts
  5. This is a disgraceful judgement and only goes to show that our judiciary and criminal justice system is as much a threat to our society as the terrorist filth they insist on protecting.

    High Court Judges dont travel by Bus or Underground or have to fight the very people they are releasing.

    If any of these clowns go on to murder.. the lawyers and judges concerned should be held to acount as accessories.

  6. no need. terrorists, terrorist wannabees and anyone who harbour or aid them should be hanged. if only we had a govornment with some balls...
  7. FGS - there's enough bloody extremists and mobile letterboxes walking around my halls as it is without bollox like this encouraging them! What does it take to get a conviction, being caught in the act of detonating a bomb belt??
  8. Lord Phillips has demonstrated that he is a dangerous bufoon.

    Better to jail every so-called borderline terrorist supporter than allow even one innocent life to be lost in a future terrorist attack because some liberal judge released one of these peices of scum.

    I have the perception that the judicary and the Crown Prosecution Service has been infiltrated by left wing extremists over the last 40-50 years.Under the present government this process has accelerated.

    The 5 released by Lord Phillips represent a serious security threat at a time of war.

    If this happened in a lot of countries,these 5 would never see the light of day again.
  9. Be careful what you say and think or they'll have you up for racism!

    After all what trouble has the religion of peace ever caused?....

    Apart from Mass murder, Genocide, slavery, female circumcision, arranged marriage (Rape in English) Subjugation of women, censorship by intimidation, etc what has Islam ever done thats so bad?
  10. if that is the case why did CPS prosecute and a Judge imprison them after they were convicted by the jury? The govt has obviously fecked up and needs to rewrite the legislation
  11. hence Birmingham 6
    who were not ****ing ira just a bunch of paddy's fitted up for ffs :twisted:
    we did get the real bombers for something else :roll:
  12. There is a big difference in viewing child porn and in what these five did.

    In viewing child porn, one is considered an accessory after the fact, because what was done to create the pornography was a crime.

    In viewing propaganda, extremist or otherwise, there is no such link.
  13. Hell Troops. If thinking bad thoughts is a crime I should be in jail 5 minutes after I get up in the morning.

    Yes I despise what they appear to sympathise with,but the fact remains - they committed no crime. Two elements to crime. Theguilty mind and the guilty act. One without the other is not a crime.

    Just a pity some of those shady Gubmint Lawyers failed to spot that when drafting the legislation.
  14. Ah but has the appeal judge set a dangerous precedent?

    Was the appeal judge a Guardianista Lefty scoring points on a perceived totalitarian government?

    Should the Govt bring in a piece of legislation to close any 'technicality' defences?



    .....too much coffee again.