Five million paid less than living wage, says KPMG [BBC Article]

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proper_Gander, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Five million paid less than living wage, says KPMG

    THIS is the main problem with the UK economy right now, and not one that is easily solved. Increasing the minimum wage is definitely not an option. That will only put people out of business and make the UK even less competitive.

    So instead of giving people more money, the only other option is to take less money off them so they have more in their pockets.
    I'm looking at Energy firms, public transport, and rental prices (buy to let investors). The prices for those 3 essentials are a lot higher than in most (all?) 1st world countries but are not near as good in comparison.
    The added benefit would be that less money is spent on welfare to support people who actually work for their money, lower rental prices will also decrease the housing benefit bill which is by far the most costly of welfare expenses.

    There's more to making work pay than cutting benefits.
  2. Wasn't that the argument for not implicating it in the first place, turned out to be nonsense? The main problem is that the US and Europe is on it's arse not the minimum wage.
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    So your solution to low pay is to take money off other people who've earned it? Would you like rent controls, after all, that works so well? Or privatise the energy companies? Subsidise public transport further by making me pay for it when I don't use it?
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  4. Why not cut the price of gin, video games and kebabs?

    Not essentials, no. But sold by private companies/individuals... Just like energy, transport & homes.
  5. Yes.
  6. Methinks you're going to be a tad disappointed on three quarter of those.
  7. No.
    More efficient services.
    The consumer is currently being ripped off right left and centre by companies providing a crap service.

    Energy and transport companies are raising their prices by at least double the inflation rate every year. This puts pressure on households, people have less money, in the end the government has to relieve them by chipping in on their rent. So the government is indirectly subsidizing energy and transport companies. Not to mention some of the companies being foreign to add insult to injury.

    Funny, works in most places.
    The UK property market is broken and it is not only a burden on quality of life, but also on the economy.

    A good transport infrastructure would have a very positive effect on the economy, which you would benefit from as well.
    Personally I could not care less if you don't use PT, and I wouldn't if I don't either, I want my country to function.

    At the moment it's costing the consumer thousands of pounds a year for a substandard service. If it was cheaper and more reliable/efficient it would provide a double wammy boost to the economy in the form of more disposable income which would be spent on goods, and a more efficient transportation network.
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  8. If it's shit.... Don't buy it.
  9. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    What is it about ****ing socialists that they can't look at a probelm without wanting to spend my money? Some observations:

    Bashing big businesses may sound good at a union rally but doesn't stand up to scrutiny of hard fact.
    If people want a living wage then they should have paid more attention at school.
    Most of the bar staff and wiaters in London who "need" £8.20 an hour are foreigners. If they can't live on it then they should go back to whatever little paradise they left to get here.
    If the last labour government hadn't encouraged mass immigration of cheap foreign labour then employers would have to pay higher wages, solving the problem.
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  10. Whoa, that's just ruled out a lot of the UK manufacturing and service industries, and a whole chunk of the public sector.
  11. There ya go then.
  12. The whole country needs a shake up. The politicians (inc local) look after themselves nicely. Living on benefits is now a life-style choice not a safety net. Poor immigration controls make lawyers rich. The police have lost focus on what their job is. Energy companies have formed a cartel.
    I'm off for a drink.
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  13. Where did I even mention big business?

    This is about 20% of the UK's workforce needs support from the state because they can't live on their wage. If you think that's fine then I hope you're in a minority, because our economy is doomed if you're not.

    Now, is there anybody pragmatic around who would like to discuss the topic and doesn't just seem to copy/paste posts from angry_reactionary_drivel.doc from his desktop?
  14. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    You mentioned energy firms. or do you think they're small to medium enterprises? And tell me I'm wrong about the price of labour versus the available supply of labourers?
  15. My mate Marek thinks the UK is great. So much so that he travelled all the way from Poznan with his Mrs. to live in our doomed, broken economy. Both of them seem to be able to work and play with no bother...

    Bloody foreigners, eh?