Five hurt in Cyprus protest over UK military presence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ineedacigg, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. Theres always trouble just outside RAF Akrotiri on the strip...its normally every Friday and Saturday just outside the Akrotiri Arms after a dozen or so Brandy Sours when the Crabs get a good slap.
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  2. Well, if it hastens our departure from that lovely island, then I fear the Greeks will live long to regret it as the Turks move in big time, and they will.
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  3. I know many Greek Cypriots, most are fairly pro-Brit. The odd one or two are illogically anti. Quite a few dream of getting their property in the north of the island back from the Turks. Chucking rocks at British service people is not the way forward.
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  4. Surely the Turks would have steamrollered the whole island in 74 if it wasn't for the SBAs!
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  6. The sovereign base areas were agreed by treaty. I agree were it not for our presence the Turks would have less reason for restraint.
  7. Wow, Greek Cypriots whinging like a bunch of hotheaded bitches? Stop the press, not.
  8. I seem to remember when I was there, in 74, the only anti-British sentiment came from the Greeks, all whom seemed to think they were top dog as they wandered around with outdated Thompsons and Lanchesters.

    Mind you, there were no Turks around at that time as they had all gone North.
  9. you would be whinging a damn site more like a BITCH that you are, if the Cyriots had done to uk, what the uk have done to Cyprus. Plus never paying for the bases.
  10. Dry your eyes princess. Are you talking about the Greek Cypriots, or the Turkish ones?
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  11. What have the brits done to Cyprus, apart from clean drinking water, sewerage systems, a good civil service, driving on the correct side of the road etc?
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  12. it was also agreed £5 million a year for the bases, which a penny has never been paid. Most Cypriots remember the english soldiers sheilding the turks with their tanks and the english soldiers showing the turks in 1974 where to go.
  13. I like you, you can't spell Cypriots such is your anger, tell me, are you currently bleeding from your furry sleeping bag?
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  14. Do you not think that all the cash spent by thousands of Military Personnel and their families on the Island pays for the bases. How do you know that the Bases haven't been paid for, can you give your Governmental Source along with genuine proof that this hasn't happened or are you just spouting shite?