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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by pompeyfan, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. Hope this isn't a dumb question, but I have a certain amount of middle age spread. Not exactly obese but have several unattractive rolls around my middle which makes it difficult to get decent clothes to fit. Is there any sensible way I can target this area and reduce it, without the rest of me (i.e. arms legs and face) getting skinny and scrawny?

    I am 48 yrs old and female and, believe me, you really DON'T want pics. :)
  2. Well it's refreshing to see a female arrser being honest about their weight. Diet and excercise is the way, no magic solution just the tried and tested get out of the chair.
  3. Burn more calories than you consume. So cutting down on whatever the bad things are that you currently consume, and taking up regular exercise. You don't need to do anything dramatic, as long as you are fairly aommitted and consistent in following a regime.

    Your body will burn fat, which will disappear from the areas where fat is stored (in the rolls to which you refer). No need to worry about other bits getting skinny/scrawny.

    Good luck.
  4. It's not a dumb question but it's a common one. However unfortunately the answer remains generally the same. You can't target that kind of area as much as you might hope to.

    What would be best would be to identify the sources of where this has come from (in my case beer) and begin by cutting that out.

    Then introduce some general exercise every day, to start to increase your general metabolism and get your blood pumping.

    40 minutes of stepped (will explain in a second (*) ) aerobic/cardio activity for 4-5 days a week will usually give you some generous returns in quite a short period. You should be able to see some results after about 6 weeks, although they won't be spectacular.

    What should be done then is a combination of food intake control and resistance training every other day (replacing the aerobic workout).

    All of these won't remove it but they will minimise it and be fairly low impact. You must remember that the amount of calories that stupid little meter claims you are burning off during your workout is utterly meaningless. Increasing your metabolism in general will cause your 'at rest' calorie burning to raise - and this is what you're aiming for, along with lowering the intake of food, because to be in that state you're almost certainly eating too much.

    So in summary - put the fork down, lower the alcohol intake and begin exercising - it's the only way and you cannot spot target it.

    (*) Stepped cardio means ... starting your workout (after warmup) at a lower intensity, and every minute, increasing the speed or incline of what you are doing, then lowering it a little (but not back to the start) then increasing it again a bit higher, then back down, then back up, higher again etc.

    So over 40 minutes you should start at intensity 1 then every minute switch up or down according to this:


    Similiar to that anyway, it lets you build up. As you get better you increase your starting point (and thus your top intensity levels) and force your body to push itself rather than just plateau.
  5. Wait one tiger, I've never been shy about my weight.

    I love KFC though.
  6. But to be fair, you won't get any really useful advice until you post a pic, so as we can se the full extent of the problem (make sure you don't obscure the shot with any items of clothing).
  7. .......... Yes i do.
  8. Thanks for the sensible and detailed replies, I'll do my best to follow advice!

    Matt, sorry no can do - unless I get a wide angle lens. :)