fitting the sa80 sling?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by UKChrisT, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Bit of a strange request, but does anybody have a guide of how to fit the sa80 sling which maybe i could download to stick in my folder? and the ways of which the sling can be fitted to the rifle.

    Would appreciate it,
  2. Are you fucking serious? It's not hard if you've done it before. Make your own you lazy basterd.

    T C
  3. Can't help you with the first bit, but the answer to the last bit is......

  4. If you don't know how to fit the sling then

  5. No not a strange request at all, one bit goes at one end,one bit at the other, not rocket science you know. Seriously if you cant attach a sling,what you going to do with a magazine :?

    Or have we all be wah'ed
  6. Draw a diagram
  7. I ain't biting on this one. Nowt to say but.....

  8. Give the lad a break, he is from Norwich after all!


    Put the floppy end of the sling through the hole on the top left hand side at the dangerous end of the rifle (the end where the bullet comes out of) and then thread it through the little loose buckle on the sling, near the plastic clip. Then poke the floppy bit through the little bracket at the safe end of the rifle, bottom left, (the bit you rest your shoulder on) pass it back along the length of the rifle, towards the dangerous end, and feed it through the slot under the plastic clip double it over back through the slot next to it and pull on the floppy end until it's suitably adjusted.

    Place the rifle on the ground, remove your headdress exposing your cone shaped head, stand to attention and then double yourself away to the Guardroom you horrible pointy headed linbred little man! :x :x
  9. I and all my Rockape bretheren forgoe the sling entirely and simply cover the weapon in velcro. Hey presto, sticks securely to anything.

    Similarly, when poncing around in our spotless WMIKs, exposing our weapons to an industrial electro-magnet means that the gats never fall out of the racks.

    I believe that these methods have been adopted by other Speshul Forces such as 'Them', Spacksnaz and the A-Team.

    Hope this helps.
  10. Poor little sod must be from the Heartsease estate - it's like 'Deliverance' but without the scenery :roll: !
  11. You forgot the first part of the drill make sure the serated edge (who cares how you spell it) and the flat end loop are on the same side - or it really buggers things up and you end up with a weapon swinging between your knackers when releasing teh clip to check! :)

    Other than that exactly how TheBigUn said it

  12. Best thing to do is iron it with quite a hot iron and put it into a sink full of hot water and then into cold several times until it, and this is the cunning bit, remembers its shape.

    Then take the cut ends, hold them over a lighter - not for too long mind - and see how you get on.

    The first weapon you should be introduced to is a steam iron, for the use of.
  13. It was more complicated than say, the SLR sling, but you are obviously a new-boy, so carry a gimpy instead you lazy clown.

  14. Probably similar in complexity to the SMG sling which, if you put it on right, it was wrong. Assuming you put the sling on when it was folded, but anticipated using it when it was unfolded, that is.

    Anybody understand?