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Discussion in 'REME' started by BenghaziBandit, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. This is an army fitting test piece, made at Barnsley Mining and Tech. one of many from 16 week RAC gunfitters course in early 46.
    3 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 1/8".
    What do you do now?

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  2. Spend a fortnight rubbing one lump of metal against a slightly softer bit of metal.
  3. When I went through the factory you started out making a strap spanner, the Armourers go on and create a form of vice clamp, a depth gauge and a soft jawed table vice.
  4. The most difficult I found was making a 1" cube with all sides squared to the others and three surface plate scraped.
    The best I made was a small machine vice that was taken away for an army recruiting exibition in Sheffield and it never came back!
    We made the usual calipers and odd legs, a tri-square, did copper pipe bending and went on two 'education' trips to Newton Chambers' at Chapel Town and down Wooley Main pit.
    Lived in civvy billets in Barnsley, bloody great. :D
  5. How many dots to the square inch? 16 or 32?

    I remember my Dad asking that when I was an apprentice. He genuinely seemed impressed when I said 40.
  6. i made a strap spanner which i still have, and it still works
    maybe because it get feck all use
  7. I'm losing my memory obviously because i cant remember all that we made, we definitely made a land rover clutch alignment tool for the fitting test but made other things i now forget.

    A little toolbox was made for sheet metal work and i think, but cant be certain we made a little crow/ jemmy bar during the blacksmith phase.

    Any Brats help me out??!
  8. You refer to the 'Factory', this is a new one on me, where and what is it? :?
  9. The Factory would be trade training at SEME, Bordon for adult entrants.

    Brats would be for the junior entrants doing an Apprenticeship at Princess Marina College in Arborfield.
  10. He means SEME Bordon, now 10 Trg Bn.

    I'm not sure what the guys do now but in 1996 the VMs made the afore mentioned strap spanners, a sheet metal tool tray and did a bit of seam soldering.

    I've had a look for a photo of the strap spanner but no luck, it consisted of a block of steel with one chamfered edge, a handle and an attached strap that was so short as to render the tool all but useless. It had a few threads cut into it, countersunk screws and was finished to a good standard. I don't remember the tolerances though sorry.
  11. Was it a broom handle with black nasty wrapped around it?
  12. Yeah i have wrapped tape round an implement to get a clutch aligned!! Think i only ever used my test piece once and that was in 6 Div. It has long since been lost, along with the useless toolbox!
  13. I did the strap apanner thing way back in 88, did my head in, had to file to thou tollerances, still, they paid me what I concidered to be a fortune to stand there for a week rubbing metal away very very slowly...............come to think of it when you think wages etc thoes strap spanners are probably more expensive than buying a snap on one!!
  14. Reminds me of a quote from REME test Sgt. at Barnsley,
    "Two thou? I could push my effing beret through that gap".
    What wages? we got 3/- (15p) a day. :(
  15. Every cnut makes a strap spanner now as part of the "common foundation" that all trades go through. Did mine in May, and it's rusted to hell already. Don't see myself ever using it either, unless I wanna open jam jars the hard way or something.
    When on course though (total wait before mtsm trade course since getting to seme /10 trg bn, for me being about 8 months... :pissedoff: ), I believe the armourers make a small vice clamp, the wretched mechs cut a square plate, drill a hole in it, stick a bolt through it then chew the corner off, vm's make a tool tray with carry handle, and metalsmiths make toolboxes, hinges, crow bars, cold chisels etc.

    [edit] My rusty crapspanner... All dimensions to +/- 0.12mm. One large 10mm radius, a small 2.5mm radius the other side, side plates countersunk with outside radius of 5mm. If I remember right, the block was meant to be 19.5x19.5x70mm. No recollection of how deep the handle was inserted. Think was an M12 thread though.
    It used to be so smooth and shiny.. alas.. :(

    That the sort of image you're after spaz?