Fitting spurs to mess wellies...

Evening all,
Having just received my new mess wellies and long necked spurs from the tailors I have a wee drama. When I fitted them they seemed awfully loose (read 'can be pulled out of the box with not much effort'). Any old salt remedies to hand?
Wedge spurs in a matchstick and lots of super glue. Alternatively take them to your armourer and get him do drill holes in the side of the spurs and screw them into the heels of your boots. Matchsticks and super glue works a treat but they will be a bugger to get out!
I use a small amount of black nasty to make the pegs that little bit wider. Aside from having to replace the black nasty occasionally, it's a reasonably safe and permanent solution.
I am assuming your mess wellies have the square box fitting at the back rather than the round version. In the long run round versions may be preferable (I know that is useless if you have just bought ones with the square holes). Having said that the squaree version are easier to remove if you are about to dance.

In either case you might wish to get your mess wellies' heels built up slightly as there is a tendency for the prongs that go either side of your heel to be rubbed down over time, and from time to time, for them to be sprung out by the action. I have often winced at the sight of senior officers' spurs pinging out during their walk up the King's Ride... not a time to turn around to pick them up for use later. Equally dangerous are steps...

Having Wellingtons that will take “issue” (round) spurs rather than "box" spurs can be a life saver at times.

For example; 15 mins to dinner and a spur breaks, your life can be saved by a wilco QM and quick trip to the stores for exchange.

Ferrules or tubes which will take issue spurs can be purchased for very little, assuming you have access to a good cobbler to insert them in the heel.

In the long run, they are not a fragile/temperamental as "boxes"


Edited to add: Agree with Barbs about removal at social events.
Personnaly found that a liberal smothering of superclue did the trick nicely, however tripping the night fantastic was completly ruled out, much to the mess' relief!

Only other problem with this solution was attending a function on board an HMS!!! no spurs allowed! Lots of pulling, grunting and appearing sweaty from a mates room to odd looks all round! Took a bit of explaining but I think they bought it!

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