Fitting a 12V auxiliary socket in the boot of a vauxhall Insignia?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Krieg-Hammer, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. Chaps,

    Have any of you done this to your Insignia/Vectra (wiring can't be that much different)?

    If so, does the wiring for this exist behind the panels? Unfortunately Vauxhall were reluctant to give me a wiring diagram for this vehicle and suggested I took it to a main dealer (yeah right!).

    I bought a socket out of Halfords as Vauxhall wanted £22 for one. Again dealership rip off merchants!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Use a multimeter, but you may well find a live spur going to your boot area (maybe as part of the towing pack regardless if it is fitted or not).

    Failing that you can locate a spare space in the fuse box and then (with a wire coathanger) trace a live to the rear of your vehicle under your trimmings.

    Earth the socket to the chassis of your car.
  3. Mine had one in the boot already so im pretty sure the wires will be there just taped up.
  4. Insignia or Vectra? What side was it on?

    Choc frog, apparently some vehicles have a spare way on the dash socket?
  5. H3

    H3 LE

  6. I'd be wary of slaving of the dashsocket...

    if you have something in the boot (say a fridge) and then you try to use the front one it may overload the circuit.

    If you have high power (relative I know) plans for the rear socket then I'd lay another line.

  7. It's merely for my line of work.... Charge a halogen 12V search light. That's it really.

    An alternative I guess will be to wire the charging unit straight into a lume..... Saves me cutting out a circle for mounting the socket.

  8. You sure you havent "borrowed" a Nightsun searchlight and want to wire that up as reversing lights.

  9. Ha ha! The make of it is streamlight. Actually not a bad idea as reversing the insignia is a nightmare at times with poor visibility in the dark (been on a lot of power faults with work recently and cursed it quite often).
  10. Im sure the Vectra C forum showed all wiring looms, quite often the same wiring loom is present in all models to save cost. Its a matter of where exactly to drill a hole and go searching, front fogs is a prime example.

  11. You could learn to reverse in the dark, not as if squaddies are taught to reverse without a banksman/commander.

    Really you want to look at how your fellow workers manage it.

    Almost forgot is it your own car to modify or is it a coy car. Just curious as to the ins+ outs of what you are intending to do.
  12. Or get yourself some NVG.
  13. Buy yourself a defender.... work woes gone.

    Yeah, I can see the fault!!!
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  14. If anyone owns an Insignia they appreciate the poor visibility from the rear window. Even during daylight hours. But anyway, I'm not putting this aux supply in for a spot light. Merely to charge a big feck off torch.
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