Fittest Army in the world

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RM5, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. RM5

    RM5 Swinger

    Is there any way you can find out which is possibly the fittest Army in the world? I read something saying that the CIA had said the Indian Army have the fittest and most loyal soldiers.

    Does any Army let there fitness assessments available to the public?
  2. why? genuine question..........

  3. Good choice of posting location you filthy fucking sockpuppet wanker. Why don't you jam a spork into your eye and then lie down in front of an express train?

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  4. RM5

    RM5 Swinger

    Bit of a fitness freak would like to know who has the fittest Army
  5. RM5

    RM5 Swinger

    The mods can feel free to move my post if they like.
  6. Aye whey there's some canny fit fuckers in the ramc.
  7. Joseph Kony.
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  8. OP probably wants to know where best to cruise.
  9. IDF has some fit birds in it.
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  10. Well this lot look pretty fit and can dress well more than one sense ...

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  11. I think a more pressing question is whose army can drink the most?

    And whose army can batter whose army and whose army has the biggest dad?
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  12. RM5

    RM5 Swinger

    The whole feminnine look a woman has is usually destroyed when they join the Army but not there it isn't
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  13. A, The British Army
    B, The British Army
    C, The British Army

    As we have proved repeatedly, over hundreds of years, in virtually every country in the globe.
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  14. I understand that some Israeli soldiers are pretty fit:


  15. I'd let them overrun my position any day...


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