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  1. 83-86 BSqn Paderborn 28B the Recy mech Blessed are the Big noses is what they said to me,I was part of the aptly named Ba$tard Squad, best posting with Armour I ever had, We had Hamish vm, Scouse vm, Crow vm, Geoff the Bodger vm, Toad vm, your favourite Gun fighter Topper, Eces mick Ginger head, Norton vm (take the fork outof my head) will u Dolly vm, matt vm, tiffy hutch, me BIG NOSE, Concrete vm, Oz vm, and more,
    sqn oc the Aussie top man, tankies, Hot lips, sid, egg on legs, Bugsy, Paps, DT, Dibbs, Swilley, snowy, big brad, damien, zwieble, shuggy, ned, the Wild man, cadds, rosie, trackpin, got the photo outside the cinema the Kangeroo is on the turret of Aussies C/S the dogs are on the floor and im top row no initial just surname & nose.

    Dont you just meet the nicest people on tanks.
  2. Did Early 92-93 with QDG lad in Tidworth (tracked Roller Skates) AMF, until they left us to go to Sennelager,
    1st(worst) RHA took over Assey bks,

    Basher was the QDG Rsm good bloke, said Hi We might have hair slightly longer than most and be in a laid back position but we get the job done better and quicker, we like to party too, how about you, theres only one reply to that, and was he right, them QDG's looked after the fitters second to none and gave a lot us a farewell gift we never expected, Excellent do's 4th of July 92 was out of this world, and Balaclava night, regimental marches, oysters from the slop jockeys, cart wheels from the PTI, Brufin from the MO, and that bloody chopper the air corps officer let loose nearly took our heads off, and us with flashing reindeer horns they knew we were up to something and were looking for it, they were strapped to the underside of our table and chairs Yeeha, Manny was Rsm then collapsed lung too, looked like Jimmy cricket for the 4 th of july do instead of Uncle Sam, told him Si called him Jimmy Cricket so he rang the Bell in the mess with Si's head bazzin guy.

    Al name sounds like feel woke up in the mess as the padre was reading his head, yes burnt cork works a treat on a drunk that had been to the wine tasting fell asllep and awoke looking like Mr blobby, his choice words to the padre were ( not realising ) who he was in that stupper, were, Wot the fcuk are are you lookin at tawt, padre laughed with the rest of us.

    Think we recovered the stables Horse $hit trailer more times than anythin they always backed in too far to tip, and the regimental horse box.
  3. Mate quite a few of the lads you've mentioned are members of the 3RTR thread!!! :D
  4. [​IMG]
    Corporal CJG (Fred) Comber MC and crew of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    In action on Bridge 4 over the Shatt Al Basra Waterway, Iraq, 24 March 2003
    Oil Painting by David Rowlands - Length 1520mm, Height 900mm - Acc No A:2006.4774

    The gilt framed oil painting depicts Corporal Fred Comber dismounting from a Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle (CRARRV) with three other military vehicles in the distance and a background of black smoke. The painting was dontated to the REME Museum of Technology by the Trustees of the REME Central Charitable Trust.
    The REME Central Charitable Trust commissioned the artist David Rowlands to illustrate one of the actions mentioned in the Citation for the Military Cross (MC) awarded to Corporal CJG (Fred) Comber MC, REME.
    Corporal Comber has subsequently been promoted to Sergeant.

    Fred Cleared a path through Mine fields with the blade of the CRARRV to keep the thrust going fwd

    Pictures of the Unveiling Ceremony
  5. Thrown Tracks

    Between 27 March and 4 April 2003, C Squadron The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards was attached to 40 Commando Royal Marines on the Al Faw peninsula. Corporal Justin Simons was the squadron’s recovery mechanic. Corporal James Garrett was the commander of the squadron’s Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle (CRARRV), and the technician was Corporal Rick Parker. At dusk on 29 March the squadron was committed to Operation JAMES, a 40 Commando clearance operation around Abu Al Khasib. During the late afternoon of 30 March, 2nd Troop C Squadron was providing intimate support to a Royal Marines company clearance operation. A Challenger 2 tank became decisively engaged by the enemy, armed with rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns and mortars. Both its tracks were thrown and it was disabled to the side of a narrow causeway, attracting more concentrated fire. Another CRARRV commanded by Corporal John Morgan was initially tasked to recover the tank. After hours of intense enemy attacks whilst preparing and connecting to the Challenger, its winch became inoperable and it had to withdraw. After safely evacuating two members of the stricken tank and his own crew, Corporal Morgan then joined the squadron CRARRV commanded by Corporal Garrett, who was now tasked to complete the recovery. As darkness fell and under attacks from rocket-propelled grenades, small arms and mortar fire, Cpl Simons and Cpl Morgan took charge of the recovery operation. They both dismounted, and Cpl Garrett provided close protection by operating the General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) from his turret, while the enemy mounted numerous attacks. This is the period depicted in the painting.

    The CRARRV and the Challengers discharged their smoke to cover the operation. Major Biggart, the Squadron leader, requested 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery to fire smoke rounds onto the position. The tank was successfully winched onto the road, but due to the poor light, enemy action and confusing situation, the tank slipped down the other side of the embankment and became stranded in an even more difficult position from which to recover it. For the next six hours, in complete darkness, Cpl Simons struggled to break both tracks conventionally before finally resorting to arc-welding equipment, a brave decision, as the light given off highlighted his position. This was unsuccessful, and it was decided to try the unorthodox by organising a CRARRV on CRARRV recovery, which succeeded in dragging the tank back to safety, nine hours after it had become disabled.

    Corporal Garrett and Corporal Simons were both Mentioned in Despatches for their leadership, calmness and disregard of their own safety.

    I visited the scene shortly after this action with Major Biggart. The track marks in the crumbling earthen banks on the slope of the causeway and the marshy ground at the bottom clearly showed where 'Two One' had been extricated from its predicament. While we stood here I was able to make a sketch of the terrain. Cpls Simons and Garrett explained the recovery process and showed me their CRARRV. Contrary to orders, the REME flag was flying from an antenna throughout the action.
    David Rowlands Military artist

    Sadly Cpl James Garrett has since passed away :cry:
    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Prints: B2 - Image Size 58 x 38 cm

    Owner: REME Headquarters

    Price: £65
  6. [​IMG]

    When a Queen’s Royal Hussars battle-group Challenger 2 tank was struck by an RPG and became stuck in a semi-dry lake bed, SSgt Christopher Lyndhurst,
    REME, set about its recovery under small-arms and RPG fire. He and Sgt Logan, from another recovery vehicle, worked in the open, exposed to enemy fire so great that vehicle crews protecting them were forced to remain closed down.
    Knowing that the loss of a Challenger 2 would have had a massive strategic impact, SSgt Lyndhurst, who has been awarded an MC, showed outstanding leadership and conspicuous gallantry.
  7. I always knew the REME would do their bit when called upon, we all have this picture of some Spanner Monkey holding out his hand for his yellow handbag after fixing something on your panzer, but they are good blokes and deep inside they are really killers waiting for their chance. Well done those guys, hats off to you.
    So back to beer and women again as usual I suppose.............yeah well why not beats wanking.