Fitter Truck

Discussion in 'REME' started by Gun_Doc, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. Gents,

    We're building a fitter truck from scratch, have got the NSNs of the drawer unit, the cages and the work bench but has anyone out there got the NSN for the large tank sheet to go under the canopy?
    Also after any ideas of how to fit it out- got a fridge sorted for the obvious.

  2. GD get a chally ces and sorted............. not difficult eh?As for the fridge, in todays clime id'e forget it , not like it was 20 years ago when I was taught how to use a BCF and the back bins on a 434 to make beer cold , it just ain't the done thing anymore, probably because it has charicter and fun to it , not allowed in todays army.
  3. You'll need a DC-AC converter to run things like laptop and phone charger. Camping shops will be able to supply a 24v to 240v device.
  4. And how are you expecting to square it with the ECI Team?
  5. Why? So the LAD can have a mobile workshop to support the unit on exercise (wah?). When I say from scratch I don't mean from the wheels up I mean I've been allocated a DAF with a winch so I'm going to do it up like the hundreds of other fitter trucks in the Corps.
    When the ECI team tip up I'll hide it in the stationery locker.
  6. We have some 24v/240v striplights in our truck that do the business. You will need an input for power from fepds or industrial socket, small consumer unit, wiring, junction boxes, blackout switches and sockets. Get a sparky (pref RE) to help put it all together. As long as you have made no illegal mods to the vehicles wiring system it shouldn't be a problem.

  7. Just building an electrical system into the back of a truck capable of being connected to a domestic mains supply is both illegal (without some kind of authorised plan) and dangerous. There's several letters in the system right now about power management in units and the use of FEPS/FEPDS. I suggest you seek some support through your chain of command before you venture in this area, even more so if you have some rank, wouldn't want to lose it!

    Sorry to sound like a kill joy, I have enjoyed the relative comfort of a Fitter Truck at times but that was long ago and times have moved on. Stick with the fitted workbench kits, suspended beds, Thomas bins and the like and you won't go wrong. Stick with 12/24V components and don't get one of those naf convertors, I use a 12V cigarette lighter power supply for my laptop that does up to 90W machines and have a cigarette lighter phone charger as well.
  8. Where did the power come from for the cig lighter?

    My truck had a mains cable straight from the batteries into the back. There it branched into the dc-ac converter and two 24v strip lights wired in series. To turn the lights on/off was an external-type light switch from a local DIY shop.

    I did the installation and the truck was even checked by an ECI team who wanted a nosey. To be honest, they were probably more interested in the porn on display, but nonetheless, nothing was said against the electrical installation at all.
  9. There is no problem with our Fitter Truck installation it is correctly installed and complies with the 16/17th edition regs and fully inspected and tested by a qualified competant person every year. The vehicle is fitted with it own consumer unit protected with an rcd and earth spike. As it passes it is therefore not dangerous.

    A correctly installed, tested and signed off Fepds system is safe and also has an rcd inside the single phase / single phase box which outputs to the vehicle. Lots of protection.

    However I am under the belief that wiring directly from the battery is classed as an unauthorised mod to the vehicle and using a plug from the socket on the dash is not so this is how you power your in-cab stereo system.

    As I mentioned before ask an RE sparks for advice, im sure for beer he will help.

  10. Anything you add to a vehicle that is not supplied/supported by the MoD is a modification. If you have not written to the design authority (relevant IPT) seeking permission to carry out the work/conversion it will be an illegal modification :cry:

    I have also benefitted from the luxury of some awesome fitters trucks in my time :D but now have no option but to follow the rules. I'm also getting a tad cheesed off with the allegedly differing views of this by ECI teams :x
  11. Just like most of the shite that our Corps is full of nowadays some pokey nosed office dwelling Tw@t will come and have their say. However as people out at the coalface have always had to have some wits about them, its not hard to out do them. Send it on a detail when they come and they can't see it, as mentioned try to stick to 24v lamps for the inside as it's safer, get the sparky to knock up a decent lead so you can ponce off the genny, purely for power tools mind,no tellies or kettles now!!
  12. As previously mentioned it's best to hide it away, not have a picture of it being recovered in the Craftsman mag...... :D
  13. Hey, I know, why doesn't someone put in an SOR/OUR for a Fitter Truck? That way, DLO can get involved and get a properly designed, supported and approved vehicle for VMs to use? It worked for the Machy Truck and ERVs....

    Maybe get an EFR or 2 in first, to give the OUR a bit of backing.

    Obviously it isn't an overnight solution, but it'll savew others finding their way in the dark next year.

    Just an idea....
  14. forced to rip out all the mod cons from our fitter trucks and i mean every thing. some jobs worth who cant stand to see the lads having any comfort or using some comon sence to make life better. trotted out the old its an ilegal mod or its a hazard or some other such pish.
    Realy makes you sick when you see some one elses fully fitted and squared away fitter truck, only advantage is thease days we hardly ever go out on an FTX
  15. I've got the units, tanks sheet, strip lights and xpm all I need now is the ladder.

    Anyone got the NSN for a machy wagon ladder? Many thanks