fitter sections attached to SQN or HQ Coy

Discussion in 'REME' started by DIRT_MONKEY, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. Would it not be more benifical if the SQN/Coy fitter section was pemantley under the SQN/Coy admin system. Usually the fitter section only gets attached when deployed.

    I can think of many benifits whats your opinion.
  2. What would the ASM do?
  3. There are numerous reasons going back to when our Corps was formed:

    Royal Armoured Corps (Regimental Fitters)HC Deb 20 November 1951 vol 494 c39W 39W
    § Mr. Swingler asked the Secretary of State for War why regimental fitters of the Royal Armoured Corps are being transferred to the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers; and whether it is proposed to have no regimental fitters in Royal Armoured Corps regiments in future.

    § Mr. Head - Regimental fitters of the Royal Armoured Corps are being asked to volunteer to join the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers as part of the second phase of the formation of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. This policy is designed to save manpower. By 31st March next year the light aid detachments of regiments of the Royal Armoured Corps will be manned by Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer fitters.

    or if you click onto OUR museum you can find even more information

    Could any of you imagine coming under your infantry CSM on a permanent basis...ooohh that extra poool of dogsbodies he cries, what do you mean the WRs do not work. Get the LAD to fix them
  4. In my unit we still come under SQN control and works quite well with a strong tiffy or section sgt we pretty much get are own way and at rare times get away with murder, its a pity i can see the demise of this as certain trade groups get dragged back into battalions (gunfighters) and we get put into one big fitter section to look after our whole fleet managed charges. the ammount of times i have been on exercise with 2 or 3 sqn/coy one after another is getting more regular due to under manning etc.
  5. Always were a permanant fixture with the RTR and made to feel very much part of the Sqn! We even gave them a pet name..............'Winnits'! :lol:
  6. Each squadron had their own fitter section at my RAC unit too, working for (around?) a tiffy, always worked well. We also had the main LAD as part of HQ squadron.
  7. The only experiance i ever had of what you are sugesting worked a treat . The Sqn was recalled back to UK problem but we were still under comd of the Regt in Germany. We stayed in UK for three years
    We were allocated our Fitters Sect with S/Sgt Tiffy, Armourer, Tels Tech ect , 2 x Royal sigs for CVs and ACC with Cook Ssgt. Pay staff.
    The unit was stonger more moral( Prob due to not being with Regt) All attached pers came under control of RE OC and SSM .
    We had a fantastic Sqn everyone pulled together and the feeling for the unit and guys no matter what the capbadge was as one .
    I only commented about this on our reunion site a few weeks ago and everyone agreed .
    I cannot see a down side of this surely the aim is to form bonds and improve working realationship. Someone turning up a few week before deployment to support you does not inspire confidence.All the attached pers carried out the same personal training PT, Ranges, NBC. etc
    Three years later we were returned to Germany back to Regt life all attached went back to their respective departments as usual .We felt an imeadiate change as some of the guys were moved to other Sqns within weeks to plug gaps ot skills and all ACC went back to Regt cookhouse.
    The only problem as someone mentioned what happens to ASM and OC workshops ,well their role could be changed and there would still be a regt workshops . They would still have technical control and trade training
  8. This was the case back in 1983 but there were few strong tiffs to back us. My goal was to get to tiffy and not be like them, I achieved this. Unfortunately those who have specialist skills have to accept that they may have demands placed upon them at short notice. The SQN will not give a flying, The ssm only worries about his duties list and there will be many times when you are allocated the short straw. That is what makes life fun.
  9. The problem is you cannot have your cake and eat it .If you want to be directly attached thats what you are .So if the sqn has duties to fufill then they have an amount of people to do the job .i dont personaly see the differance bettween a Cfn or a Spr both have done a full days work and should there be a compatable duty to fill in the evening/night either should be able to do it .I can only refer back to my previous post regarding my only experiance of having a Sqn with attached pers coming directly under Sqn control it worked for everyone .We are having a Sqn reunion again this year guess who will be there the atttached guys talking about those days and experiances .They all say without exception it was their best experiance of working together.
  10. My current LAD is part of HQ Coy. It does cause some friction but a robust head shed should keep that in check. The Coy Ftr Sects are part of the Coys except when centralised. HQ Ftrs it headed up by an Artisan though not a Tiff - works better that way.
  11. Speaking from experience in the Gunners (12 AD) we had a good mixture of both. Battery fitter sections under control of a Tiff and a large regimental workshops to provide 2nd line support and recovery. It was possible to move between them to positions that best suited the folks involved. Occasionally some 2nd line assets were also deployed to work with the fitter sections.

    When working in FRTs I actually preferred staying out with the detachments themselves. It kept us out of the reach of the BC/BK/BSM.