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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by welshlad91, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. hey i am looking to join the RE as a fitter general (equipment mechanic). i was just wondering if anyone on here does this job and could tell me what its actually like to do this job? :) thanks .
  2. It's fantastic. It used to be called Fitter RE and the main role is to fix ALL the equipment that the Engineers use. Everything from chainsaws to bulldozers, some times in a workshop and some times in a muddy field.

    You can be the hero sometimes i.e. fixing a crane that stops the lads lifting heavy bridging components and other times you'll be covered in oil and cursing your spanner rash.

    Do be aware though that you will not do this job all day every day, you will be posted to some jobs where your main role won't be Fitter (you will also get heavily involved in the Combat Engineering side as well).


  3. don't expect the earth.

  4. nice thanks mate sounds even beter now! and i do understand that i wont be doin it everyday but im also interested in the combat engineer side of the RE. building bridges, demolitions and all that sounds awesome! thanks :)
  5. Personally, I find it tedious.
  6. I'm currently learning the trade down Chatham, can't say anything about what its like in the field army but the course is good, you learn a lot, fast. After a couple of months you'll know how to strip and rebuild diesel and petrol engines, you'll touch on bench fitting (shudders), technical drawings, brazzing and soldering and oxy acetylene cutting.
    Not even half way through the course yet, Its an interesting course plus when you get to Chatham you get a single man room :bounce: bit of space for throwing yourself around heh.
  7. oh rite cheers m8 sounds good lk im interested in learning about engines and things like that. what does everyone get single accomodation or just fitters? lol :p
  8. From what ive been told by some of my amigos currently at brompton, seems only the fitters and a couple others have single rooms, the rest seems to be in 4 man accommodation
  9. ha tidy. why is that though?
  10. Because that's just they way it is :roll:

    Cid, check your PMs mate.
  11. Promotion is dead mans shoes after Full screw, pretty pump really.
  12. pretty dead up to full screw also.
  13. See screen name

    Fitter RE or join REME and use the Spanners

    Why did I spend two months learnign about the design of Compressed Air systems and Water Treatment Plants to never use the knowledge whilst serving? Still great now, can demostrate I learnt more than just how to shoot straight.

    Jerks - 65 (94-96)?