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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Fozza, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Hope someone could help me out here!

    For the life of me i cannot seem to get any more information about this trade other than whats on the army website.

    im trying to find out how in depth this trade goes into automotive engine and transmissions. Will i gain an in-depth knowledge of aspects of a motor engine?

    Ignition, cooling, ECU management,
    modification - boring out chambers, modifying cylinder heads
    stripping and rebuilding gearboxes? also will i learn how to weld at all?

    reason i ask is because i own several minis and am hoping i will gain the knowledge and skill to take the engines apart and modify them to how i see fit.

    If someone could PM me in detail it would be much appreciated. Can't wait to get off civvy street and be an RE!

    cheers to anyone who can help
  2. can let you borrow my fitters tool kit if you want.....

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. If the fitters course is still the same as it was last century, you will learn all the theory on the subjects you mention above, and lots more. In practise though, you probably will never use two thirds of what you learnt on green kit. REME and maybe civis(?) do the major repairs these days. You may well end up using your skills more on your own cars.
    Don't listen to anyone that suggests REME would be better. There are far more opportunities for interesting stuff to do in the Royal Engineers, both in and out of the Corps. Good luck!
  4. Yes, to the above, or you did when I did my Ftr course. Also bench fitting, Lathes, Blacksmithing, Welding, Fabrication, Engines, Gearboxes, Axles and Final drives, Hydraulics, Veh Electrics, etc etc.
  5. You don't learn how to weld.
    You will learn about gearboxes and strip down a Bedford 4T gearbox.
    You won't learn how to modify cylinder heads or how to bore out chambers.
    You will learn about cooling and ignition, but not really touch on ECU.