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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by slopster, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. Intend joining RE from overseas next year and need to decide what trade to try for. I already have six years army experience in New Zealand. Interested in hearing from someone who is or was a fitter general to clear a few things up. Read all about it on the careers website but of course those recruiters have their own agenda and will make anything attractive.

    -First of all, I presume it means that you are a mechanic specializing in engineer equipment - Trucks, plant, generators, boats, chainsaws etc.
    -Do you get a proper qualification that would be useful later on civvy st and what sort of time frame does this normally take.
    -At a rough estimate how much of your time would be spent doing the trade stuff and how much doing the combat engineering stuff.

    Other ones I was looking at were electrician and fabricator (is that a welder?) but think I prefer the mechanical side of things
  2. Fitter Equipment is a good trade to have, up till full screw then you are pretty much just a feeder for clerk of works(if you're that way inclined or end up Q stream. The training you get is spot on, you get upto NVQ level 3 after class 1 training. However you are only 2 modules off getting an HNC (gas turbines being one of them can't remember the other) depends what floats you're boat but I've enjoyed it for the last 10 years, been trade based and got a lot of experience along the way. Hope this helps any more in depth questions PM me and I'll do my best to help.
  3. Including keeping a fleet of CET's on the road even though you were in Chatham on your A1. Nice one treffers
  4. You know it baby!!!!

    I did it all through the power of dance!!!
  5. Is Fitter Gen still like Fitter Equipment ie a watered down Fitter RE:)

    Getting your hands dirty is less and less likely with PFI etc, but hey if you are cool with the tools then rock on mate.

    Echo thoughts about post Cpl -regardless of talent you are screwed unless you go CoW which aint no bad thing? What woudl I know they turned me down until I was too late to go on the course:)
  6. dunno what to do! been offere my second job choice as a REME vm but i wanted to go fitter general! should i accept the job or hold out for the job i really want???