Fitter General - A quick question

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by DirtySanchez, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. Evening all, I have a quick question about the trade training for Fitter General. Does it take place at Brompton Barracks?

    Slightly bone question I know, but the Army jobs website doesn't say (it just says that most trades do their training there) and I know I'll get asked this tomorrow in my interview.

    Before anyone asks "why haven't you done any research yet?" I have, but up until now I was just going to quote exactly what the website says, but I think it's probably better to give a more definitive answer :)

    Also, is there anything else I might get asked about? I've read up on the history of the Corps and the various trades available etc.

    Thanks for your time guys
  2. 1. yes

    2. loads
  3. yes

    do you like spocking :?: :?: :?: :?:
    do you like naked bars :?: :?: :?: :?:
  4. It's what comes after "spoc" that scares me!!
  5. I honestly hope she doesn't ask me either of those things.......the headfuck of cmsr is NOTHING compared to what that would do to me......
  6. Yes on both counts.
  7. And thats why we're fitters naked spocking on naked tuesday with XG279 oh takes me back lol!!!!
  8. I saw the thread title and thought someone was going to be giving M***o M****n a beasting round JHQs trimtrail!
  9. choose a trade that doesn't require licences!!! .. or get them in civvy street first...

    sorry, stuck in leconfield at the moment,

    As for what you'll get asked, depends what stage your at, at the careers office you only get asked why you want the trade and what you think it involves.

    Once your in basic, they will start getting you to look into the corp history, in gib they give you a nice little book about various corp related things and in the back is the corp song, then your corprals will take you down fleet and teach you the real corp song.

    I have it on good authority that being a fitter gen is a good trade and that were the smartest men in the corp and therefore the army ... they hide me under the D5 when the CO visits :oops:
  10. Induldge me on who is good authority????

    I'm not saying they are wrong just would liked to know!!
  11. 'Fitter-General'....sounds like some kind of mythical Staff they wear red epaulettes on their coveralls ?
  12. well i suppose the ftr training staff would say good things :)

    but in all seriousness good trade, is a bit drawn out but then i suppose it has to be.

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