fitter gen course

about to start my assesment, any one have any good sites i could use for revision. or any tips on the level of maths needed for the course?

GCSE A star to C is what you should be going for.

Get a Letts study guide or one of the numerous GCSE study books that are out there and work through that.
cheers, know any sites or books i could get that could help me out with the course? like engin websites and what not

thanks for the help guys
Stuff on spark and compression engine theory, hydraulics, gear boxes, clutches etc would help but can't think of any specific books off the top of my head.
As said before a C level at gcse is adequate. Any gcse maths revision textbook would be of use.Another option is using the online bbc bitesize(?) revision guide. The assessment itself is mostly basic principles of a Spark ignition engine and the names/purposes of the parts in the system but later on in the course compression ignition systems and hydraulics are brought into it.
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