Fitter/Design Trades and field command appointments

Well the powers that be have decided that design trades can go onto Combat stream rather than going down trade/Q stream. Just as well really because almost every SNCO design trade post outside 1 RSME has been binned or is about to be binned.
I take it from you post that things are working out well for you cdn_spr. That's good. What are the major differences between the Royal Engineers and the CME?

Did you know that a certain CME Major who was attached to 64 Wks Gp RE was awarded the MBE in the New Years Honours list?
No, had no idea! Will look it up.

It's good here. Biggest difference is as a combat engineer, that is all I do, no construction trade at all. Purely knockering. The construction tradesmen on the other hand do pure construction work, no running around with guns.

The big difference I find is cross training at sub-unit level. What I mean is that due to the small size of the CME compared to the RE, (4 Regiments), EOD is a common skill amongst all cbt engrs. Sect Comds and 2ICs are able to lead battlefield munition clearances, anything more advanced will be dealt by the advanced operator (minimum 1 per troop) and CIED is a seperate BG asset. We also do all the breaching/urban ops type stuff for the infantry, who sh*tcanned their Pnr Pl's a while back to free up more riflemen for the Bn's. We then covered that capability gap.

Any armd engr stuff is done by 1 CER in Edmonton, who now have to field an amrd tp for EACH BG, plus supporting the PPCLI BG's, hence they are feeling a bit of a burnt out at the minute. The rest of the CER's are ELAV (stryker by another name) mounted with a scattering of LAV III's and M113's.

Overall, I'd say alot of the sh*t is the same. It was actually VERY surprising to see how similar it all was.
Yeah, to be honest I'm not quite sure, being a full blown knocker nowadays, but having worked with construction troop on a bridge task earlier this year, I will look in on it. Something along the lines of construction supervisor.
plant_life said:
Is there any direct equilavant to clerk of works etc over there?

:D :D :D :D
not many vacancies for those picked up for their WO1 at the minute & a fair wait for them also.
spoken to a few & some may have to wait upto & over a year to move, not the "mae west" news.
That's not good for those of us who are due postings. If the WO1 postings are delayed it's going to have a knock on effect for the SSgt to WO2 board in the next month or so. The Clk Wks and MPFs did well though, with around a third of all selected coming from the technical roster. The girl at records who deals with the technical roster postings is going to have a heart attack as I don't think there are many TWO slots in Chilwell available. It's going to be a nightmare come June when all 4 courses finish at the same time, I don't know what she is going to do. She struggles enough as it is.
think you are right there P_L.

dont envy her that task.

you due a move then P_L ????
About June time with any luck. The problem is that Mrs P_L has a decent job and we have a child. It took 8 months for us to get the nipper into a nursery and I don't hold out much faith in getting the full 6 months notice which we are supposed to get.
What makes it even more fun for the postings girl is that we are now over manned at SSgt level for Clk Wks (C), even more so as there should be about another 10 or 11 finishing in June. A lot of the old EWC posts in garrisons have been handed over to DE when we were going through our lean manning period so I don't know where they are going to put everybody even taking into account 66 Wks Gp RE being formed. Interesting times ahead when it comes to postings I think.
luckily all my money-pits are older & the doris lives in our own house so we no longer have all that type of sh1te to go through.

GOOD LUCK sounds like you'll need it.
may yet see you in the home of the cone-heids then.
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