Fitter (Air conditioning and refrigeration)

Hi, I've got my first interview coming up and my recruiter wants me to have at least 3 choices by then. I have good GCSEs grade A-C and i get my a-level results on Thursday. Initially, I was leaning towards carpenter but I was informed that i should go for a design or tech trade as they require higher quals. I'm not really interested in the design trades as i want to be doing more manual work, so i've been looking at air-con/refrigeration.
I've read all the literature on the net and brochures and it is very limited, is there anyone out there who does this trade? If so how often do you actually use your trade and do you do combat engineering the rest of the time? How easy is it to specialize into diver/commando/para etc and also what do you get tasked with on ops apart from aircon fitting etc.
I realise i am now rambling, so i'll pipe up.

Cheers for any replies.
Nighters said:
... Initially, I was leaning towards carpenter ...
Then put down carpenter.

Nighters said:
I'm not really interested in the design trades
Then don't put down a design trade!

It's your choice, not the recruiters. Otherwise they'd have filled in the application form :wink:

Hope you get the A level results you want on Thursday.
Father_Gundulph said:
It's your choice, not the recruiters. Otherwise they'd have filled in the application form :wink:
but beware they may guide you in the direction of unfilled trades within the corps, stick to your guns about which trade you want to do.
My Bro is a service engineer, doing "Air conditioning and refrigeration" he earns 50K. You will not earn that in the Army. Yes , you may well leave, qualified! but????????????????
Thanks for the replies. I just wanna look into all options available to me before i make a decision. Air-con seems as though it would be a good choice as it means i haven't wasted 15 odd years of education to get good grades. Still its hard to decide just reading what little info there is on each trade!
I was in a very similar situation to yourself. I wanted to be a carpenter, allowed myself to be pushed towards FTR ACR and haven't really touched it at all. Something i still regret.

It's very easy to specialise, I done P-company straight after B3 and there are quite a few FTR ACR's in the regiment, however the key is in the term "specialise". As an airborne engineer we specialise in light role combat engineering which explains my lack of trade work. As for ops i did some AC work in Afghanistan which was basically just plug and play. It didn't involve any of the skills learnt on my trade course and could have been done by anyone if I didn't happen to be in the FOB. Trade posings are pretty limited, approximately 5 if I remember correctly, however you will do your trade day in day out and hardly any "green" training at all.

I'm not trying to put the trade down at all. I found my trade courses challenging and enjoyable, however overall it wasn't what I wanted to do. I will echo the advice previously posted that it is YOUR choice and it totally comes down to what you want to do in the Army. I would also agree with the comments saying stick to your guns. You'll probably find your initial instinct was right.

Hope this helps, pm me with any other questions.
£50K??? I call absolute total BS. I've been in the industry for a good while, fridge engineers earn between £10-15 per hour. If he's on £50K, then he's working a lot of hours.
I was a fitter HVAC then fitter ACR.
Served all of my (fairly short) time at 59, never picked up the tools.
The quals that you get are good enough to get you a good job when/if you leave. I'm a consultant nowadays for one of the largest building design firms in the world, so upward movement is there for those who want it.
You can make £50k easily if your selling the AC to large companies... But that's dependant to how good a salesman you are.
if it depends on how good you are, then its not ******* easy is it?
And no you cannot easily make £50K in the AC/refrigeration game, these people are talking total crap. It is possible but will take a long time and a lot of hard work.
I should know, I design the ******* stuff.

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